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This is also known as the DDA that stands as an abbreviated form of the Delhi Development Authority. This is a department that began its functioning in the year 1957 under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act. The aim of this office was to look into various aspects of the development and beautification of the capital city of India. There was a need for well planned roads with swift and easy access through traffic. There was a need for proper planning of various facilities and arrangements everywhere in the city. at the time the DDA came into existence one of the major problems that was before the Ministry for Urban Development in Delhi was to be able to provide an adequate system of commercial and residential facilities for the people.

There was an approximately 11 million people in the city looking for a place to stay and a means of carrying out their work. It was important for the government to look into the allotment of construction of accommodation facilities coupled with commercial zones to facilitate all sections of the people. as a capital city of India and even as the largest metropolitan city in the northern zone Delhi has always attracted a large number of people who came here to settle from other parts of the country for reasons of work and business. It was important that there is ample residential accommodation facilities in the city that would enable a large section among these people to stay here comfortably and within their means.

The DDA or the housing authority of Delhi can be given the credit for the complete planning and arrangement of such facilities here. They have taken the earliest plans of Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker of the city in consideration and built unique plans for development on that. Planned housing schemes and outlays have been prepared to create a system of accommodation facilities that would be able to provide quality accommodation and within suitable budgets as well. And all of this was to be done without compromising on the basic opulence and beauty of the environment of the city.hospitals and shopping centers. There are other zones that have been marked for industrial setups and developments.

Master Plans from DDA

The Master Plan of the DDA was created in the year 1962. It was a blueprint of the plan for restructuring and modernizing the city of Delhi. There was a singling out of new land that was available in and around the city and would also be appropriate for the construction of various grades of accommodation facilities. There were other lands that were also held to be appropriate for commercial and retail projects.

The residential properties were to comprise of self contained colonies. These would be complete in themselves as there would be housing facilities coupled with commercial zones and retail outlets. There was also the plan for offices and business complexes in the same zone. This would provide a convenience of the people staying here for all their needs and even provide adequate opportunities for business and occupation benefits.

There was a revision of the DDA master plan in 1982. There was a new plan brought about in 2001 and this was also revised in the year 2007. The final changes brought about the DDA master plan for 2021. There is an estimation of a population of 128 lakhs and a planning for the same in this plan. There are several changes in the basic structure of the city landscape for provisions and facilities of commercial and residential requirements. There are areas and regions that have been marked for further development and redesigning for modern facilities. There are other plans too in addition to the Master Plan that has been formulated.

These secondary plans are for regions and areas around the city of Delhi. Among these there are Zonal Plans, Action Area Plans and Urban Extension Projects among several others. The names signify the kind of projects that have been planned out. The excess population cannot be sustained only within the city areas of Delhi. Thus places around the city too need to be arranged for the extension of infrastructural planning and construction.

Here are some of the reasons for which land and areas have been safeguarded and singled out.

  • Residential projects constructions

  • Housing schemes and plots

  • Commercial complexes

  • Office space

  • Retail outlets

  • Land up-gradation, preservation and beautification

  • Preservation of heritage sites

  • Reserve land for sports complex and stadiums

  • Children’s playgrounds

  • Parks

  • Golf courses

  • Gymnasiums and health care facilities

These are some of the focus points that the DDA has maintained in its plans for the development of Delhi.

DDA Housing Facilities

The office of the DDA was involved in the planning and construction of housing schemes since 1967. There was a complete plan of providing ideal and well facilitated housing accommodations for the people. These would include round the clock electricity and running water facilities; sewage disposal and a proper system of drainage for the region; there would be other infrastructural aspects of these places that would also be kept in consideration and accomplished.

There is an identification of land for each of these projects. The selection is made on the basis of advantages that it would be able to provide to the residents in the area. Then there are advertisements and announcements made for the same project through newspaper insertions. Applications for occupants are invited and accepted within a certain date of submission. There is a transparent and systematic process of draw that is organized. The final allotments of the property and the land or the houses are done on the basis of the results of this draw.

There are various types of plans that have been designed for the high income groups, middle income groups and also the lower income groups or even the economically weaker sections of society.

Other Developments of the DDA

There is a planned land development that is also done by the DDA. This is a system of preservation of areas with their natural elements. There are creations of forest areas and parks in various neighborhoods for the enjoyment of the people in the region.There are also developments of sports complexes and other facilities like sports fields and gymnasiums for the players. The construction and planning of stadiums are also a part of this plan that would be able to sustain organizing international level championships and tournaments.

Similar attention is also paid to the development of commercial and business complexes. These include business centers, offices hospitals and shopping centers. There are other zones that have been marked for industrial setups and developments.

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Delhi Development Authority

Vikas Sadan,

New Delhi - 110023

Phone: 011-2469 0431/35

Website:  www.dda.org.in

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