GDA - Ghaziabad Development Authority New Scheme Koyal Enclave

GDA or Ghaziadabad Development Authority declared and introduced the new scheme at Koyal Enclave after almost a gap of a long period of 13 years. This is the launching of a housing project that encloses many plans and programs to turn the area into a developed one. Under the scheme it follows the mission of accomplishing residential developments in Koyal Enclave in proximity to Lori, a prominent place in town. The scheme started showing results from the very first week of the month of December that takes into account the building of numerous flats and houses for the overall development of the area.

What is the scheme all about?

The scheme follows the plan of almost 3200 flats for especially the EWS section, which means the Economically Weaker Section. In addition to this, the scheme also incorporates the construction of an addition of 180 flats for those who fall in the category of LIG, that is Lower Income group. There is a slight difference between the constructions of flats for the two different sections. Those flats meant for EWS are smaller in pattern but are two room flats compared to the LIG category. The flats for the LIG are also two rooms, but they appear with a balcony.

The year 2008, also witnessed issues of many more plans for the EWS category not just restricted to areas of Koyal Enclave but spread out to Pratap Vihar, Rajendra Nagar and Arthala. There were the plan for construction of almost 10, 000 flats in these mentioned colonies solely categorised for the EWS section.

Long back in 1995, GDA has already proven some examples of its developmental spree. The Ghaziabad Development Authority had built multiple flats spread across colonies like Vaishali, Govindpuram, Pratap Vihar and Indira Puram.

What GDA had in store for the 2009 scheme?

The Ghaziabad Development Authority brought many things under the new scheme of 2009. It has many constructional dreams which were yet to be accomplished. The year 2009 has been a benchmark in the history of GDA, since it witnessed many schemes and residential constructions under its plan. The new scheme took into consideration the various under new colonies which were yet to see developments.

These areas included names like Tulsi Niketan, Kaushambi, Indirakunj, Indirapuram. These were the areas where GDA took up plans of constructions of the different types of residential units. Hence it could be said that these areas saw many developments which were under the planning eyes of GDA. However, GDA never had one plane for all areas which laid under its scheme. There were other plans for places like Madhuban, Swarna, Jayanti Puram and Bapudham. GDA had allotted many plots to residents of these areas.

There was not just one scheme, but many scheme under the eyes of GDA. The names of some of the schemes were Vaqishali Kamna, Vaishali Kamna E.W.S. II D, Indraprastha Pocket, Vaishali Kamna E.W.S II E and much more. These were the names allotted to the various schemes that resulted into the developments of flats and residential areas. The best thing about GDA is that the it has in offer a new plan so that the new home seekers can own their desirable homes at Indirapuram and vailshali.

Therefore it can be said that Ghaziabad Development Authority did a good job of allotting flats and developing the remote areas thus turning them into big townships and allowing people to come here and reside and that too at a minimum cost affair. However, those who were interested for applying for the new houses were given a last date of the mark of 31st August, 2009. Though some of the schemes have been mentioned above, the below shows in details some of the schemes under GDA that have been discussed in details.

Some of the Schemes

  • Indirapuran AK III: These were the MIG flats which estimated at a fiar price of 17, 41, 355. The flat was spread on a big area of 101 square meter, thus allowing sprawling grounds for dwellers to avail sufficient space at reasonable cost.

  • Indirapuram NK III: These were the duplexes and it spread over an area of 60 meter square. However, the cost was a little low at an estimation of 15,38,400.

  • Indirapuram AK IV: The MIG apartments costed a little high which was close to 20 lakhs at an approx of Rs.19,98,827. The floor measured an area between 77 and 86.36 meter square.

  • Indirapuram AK III: The floor area measures to a large spreading area of 79 meter square and estimated at about Rs.13,52,106.

  • Vaishali (FIS): These were the MIG apartments at a very reasonable price of 4,87,572. The accommodations were on the third floor thus allowing occupants to get flats at a very reasonable price.

  • Vaishali (FIS): The MIG accommodations covered the total area of first floor at 38.82 meter square and costed at Rs. 4,69,238.

However, a person applying for the flats under GDA has to follow a few rules and regulations to make his transaction work. He has to follow the few formalities as laid down under the GDA scheme to ensure that he can apply for flats. A person can actually retrieve the application forms from any of the branches of either Vijaya bank or Allahabad bank or Punjab national bank. Make sure that you go to one of the branches of these banks so as to collect your application form.

You have to make a short payment of about Rs.1100 for the form. Fill in with all the details that are required to ensure that you do not leave out any necessary information. Those under the GDA scheme had to fill in the forms and had to submit the same with the registration fess at any of the above mentioned branches within the 31st of August, 2009.

The 2009 scheme became very successfully since it followed in the footsteps of proper rules and regulations. Besides, the costs of the flats were distributed among high and low thus allowing people of all stratum to consider purchase. GDA has always been doing great in respect of developments and construction. One can always rely on its service to ensure a better living in future under good shelter.