Haridwar Development Authority Indralok/Inderlok

Haridwar Development Authority Indralok/Inderlok has been very instrumental in extending affordable housing opportunities. The real Estate in Haridwar and localities like Inderlok/Indralok has witnessed phenomenal activity by leading Housing Builders from Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla as Haridwar and Indralok are emerging as the new destinations for residential projects. The efforts undertaken by the HDA- Haridwar Development Authority Inderlok/Indralok have made it a weekend gateway for the Homeowners in New Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla to seek retreat from the hustle of urban life and commotion.

Owing to this vibrancy, the prices of Properties and plots in Haridwar and its areas like Indralok/Inderlok have escalated by leap and bounds. In order to facilitate housing at affordable rates, HDA- Haridwar Development Authority has played a very vital role by announcing the Inderlok/Indralok Residential Scheme.

The authority undertakes HDA - Haridwar Development Authority Inderlok Draw and the winners are announced. The winners are allotted the plots after the eligibility conditions are met.

Indiahousing.com offers the results of HDA-Inderlok/Indralok Residential Scheme and Draw Results.

Plot Size - 72 Mtr

Plot Size - 90 Mtr

Plot Size - 120 Mtr

Plot Size - 162 Mtr

Plot Size - 200 Mtr

Plot Size - 250 Mtr

Plot Size - 300 Mtr

EWS House - Ground Floor

EWS House - First Floor

EWS House - Second Floor