HDA -Haridwar Development Authority

HDA-Haridwar Development Authority has brought forth excellent Real Estate opportunities in this Holy city of Haridwar. HDA- Haridwar Development Authority provides affordable Housing options to its residents. In fact strategically speaking, owing to the constructive efforts undertaken by the HDA- Haridwar Development Authority in Haridwar, it has become a gateway for the Homeowners in New Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla to seek retreat from the hustle of urban life and commotion.

In fact, this explains why many leading Housing Companies in Delhi have made Haridwar and Roorkee their preferred destination for carrying out elegant Real Estate Development.

HDA -Haridwar Development Authority undertakes Haridwar Plots Allotment by carrying out HDA Draw in order to maintain impartiality. The eligible applicants to whom the Plots are allotted after the announcement of HDA Draw results are awarded the Letter of Allotment. However, it is crucial to understand the Bye-Laws of HDA -Haridwar Development Authority as the letter of Allotment is awarded only after the applicant's eligibility is verified by verifying the concerned documents.

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