HUDA Bye-Laws

HUDA Bye-Laws have reflected the outlook of HUDA-Haryana Urban Development Authority to be positively receptive to the changing times. HUDA Bye-Laws are the set of rules and HUDA Regulations that are formed within the legal and jurisdictional parameters of the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act 1977. HUDA Bye-Laws have been amended from time to time to include the recommendations of experts and urban planners to facilitate Development and optimal implementation of urban resources at the disposal of HUDA.

HUDA Bye-Laws: Amendments

With an aim to achieve uniformity in the Building Bye-Laws and Regulations, we find that HUDA forms a committee and only with detailed deliberations, the HUDA Bye-Laws are amended. In the recent times, HUDA Planners and Administrators have undertaken comprehensive planning to incorporate New Building and Construction norms including legal implications for constructing commercial structures and complexes that are resistant to disasters like Floods, Earthquake, and Fire or Security Emergencies. In addition, HUDA Bye-Laws have incorporated concern like constructing buildings that are accessible to handicap people easily.

HUDA Zonal Regulations

In order to promote environmentally friendly practices like water harvesting, HUDA Bye-Laws have made it mandatory for all those to whom HUDA Plots are allotted to undertake Water Harvesting.

It is very crucial that we are aware of the existing HUDA Bye-Laws as well as HUDA Regulations so that we do not violate them and at the same time reap the benefits of HUDA Allotments, Current Group Housing Scheme and HUDA Plots Draw. HUDA Bye Laws are very crucial when the possession of HUDA Plots is in question as the HUDA Zonal Regulations may not have accurate uniformity and the HUDA Bye Laws governing the HUDA Circles and Zones can be slightly different.

Below is the link of the official Website of HUDA that bears all the existing Regulations and HUDA Bye Laws. Even by Browsing the HUDA Official Website, one can get a fair idea of HUDA Byelaws and the legal norms for construction or availing Group Housing Schemes in Haryana.

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