HUDA Karnal Plot Current Schemes

There is a planned and systemized manner in which the organization of HUDA allocates land plots for housing through draws that are held at different times of the year. HUDA is the abbreviated form of the Haryana Urban Development Authority. There are land distribution that is conducted by HUDA for various purposes in the sphere of urban development and property management.

Here are some of the purposes for which land allocation is carried out by HUDA.

  • Residential

  • Industrial

  • Institutional and Learning

  • Commercial

Care is taken to ensure that there is an environmentally balanced design for all of these allocations that is also conducive for good living and health standards. The acquisition of the lands and its redistribution under a system of draws that is done by HUDA is known to be done with utmost professionalism and administrative efficiency. All project draws are carried out at stipulated periods of time. HUDA is also known to complete these within the stated period of 6 months from the commencing date of applications. And there is also a compensation paid to the applicants and successful candidates in case of any failure to live up to their commitments at any points of time.

The office of HUDA at Panchkula is its head office for operations. Here under all notifications of current HUDA schemes there is a constant update on the allotments of the plots that have been made, the result of the draws that are held and the result of the auctions. You will have to understand the basic procedures well enough to be able to carry out the required procedures for a successful application for these. HUDA Housing Schemes always announces its latest endeavors along with additional information about the collection and submission of the forms along with the fees. There are dates too which are also crucial for the collection and submission of the forms.

There is an information brochure that is available too. In this you will find the details of the projects and the schemes that are coming up. There are complete details available about each forthcoming offer that will help you to make an appropriate decision. There is also a link of assistance offered by with which applicants can keep a regular update of the latest offers and opportunities from HUDA.

There are properties and land allocations that keep coming up at Karnal, Panchkula, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Sonipat for which you need to be informed with due time so that you can apply within the time schedule that is available. The need to keep yourselves update will also bring you good offers at very affordable prices along with other information like fees and insurance details.

HUDA Schemes at Kaithal

There is a housing scheme in operation under the supervision and management of the Haryana Urban Development Authority that is available at Kaithal. The construction and developmental plans for this is in progress and all arrangements made for the final draws of the allocation process to be held. For this purpose the management at HUDA has invited applications for the project from those interested in participating for the draw. There will be allocation of residential plots in this project.

There are very important aspects of this project that makes the offer attractive and worth. Kaithal is an important city of the state of Haryana that is fast coming within the folds of an urbane city which is progressive and modernized. There will be a lucrative prospect for property owners here in terms of the appreciation values of these. The city with all its attractive offerings of high standards of living will soon be the place of choicest residential accommodations.

  • There is a freehold possession that will be allocated

  • Applicants will have an easy payment option to resort to

  • There will be an interest amount earned by the investor on the earnest money deposit that is made by them

Plot Details for Kaithal

Kanal – The plots here are available in a measurement of 15.00X30 meters. There is a total number of 112 plots that are on offer here. The present rate is an amount of Rs. 10,808 per square meter of the land plot. There is an earnest money deposit of an amount of Rs. 4, 86,400/.

Marla – There are a total of 199 plots available here. Each plot size is 13.50X24 meters. The rate for each plot is an amount of Rs. 9825/ per square meter. The earnest money deposit that you will need to make is Rs. 3, 18,400 at the time of application submission.

Marla – A total of 192 plots are available here. The size of each plot is 10.50X21 meters. The rate of each plot is fixed at Rs. 9825/ per square meter. A deposit of Rs. 2, 16, 700/ is required at the time of application.

Marla – The total number of available plots on sale here is 252 in number. Each plot is sized at 9.00X18 meters. There is a rate of Rs. 9825/ per square meter fixed. The deposit money at the time of application is an amount of Rs. 1, 59, 200/.

Marla – Here you will find a total of 272 plots available for sale. There is a measurement of 7.50X18 meters for each plot. The rate is fixed at Rs. 8843/ per square meter. A deposit amount of Rs. 1, 19, 400/ will be required at the time of application.

Marla – There is a total of 217 plots available here for sale. The size of each plot is 6.00X15 meters. The price of each plot is affixed at the rate of Rs. 8843/ per square meter. There is a deposit amount of Rs. 79,600/ that is required to be paid at the time of application.

Further information on all of these above offers and the projects are available from the HUDA office at Panchkula or at Kaithal. Forms are available at any of the bank branches mentioned below for a payment of Rs. 100/. For all other details pertaining to the last dates of form submissions and scheme closure you can log into the official website of HUDA at

  • State Bank of India

  • Union Bank of India

  • Oriental bank of Commerce

  • ICICI Bank

  • Axis Bank

  • HDFC Bank

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