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HUDA is the abbreviated form of Haryana Urban Development Authority. This was formed in the year 1977 under the provisions of Haryana Urban Development Authority Act. It was an initiative that was undertaken to promote urban housing and property development in the state of Haryana. It was to pay specialized attention to housing and the necessary infrastructural development and property management for residential and commercial purposes.
There was a special emphasis laid down in the Act to ensure property and housing allocation to all sections of the society. And thus the responsibility of the same also came upon HUDA. In order to allocate HUDA residential plots of land in a uniform manner to reach out to all there is a draw that is held. The results of this HUDA draw will be final in the determination of its possible owner.

Residential Plots from HUDA

There are specific advertisements that are featured as newspaper insertions from HUDA. This is related to the allocation of residential plots and its related draw that will be held. There is an invitation of application from interested people willing to participate in the same for the plots. There is a fee that is taken at the time of submission of the forms. There is a date on which the scheduled draw is held and the names that come up in that also determine the names that will be given the allocated plots of the land.

There are different regions in the state where land development is carried out so that the same can be allocated for an increasing requirement of housing land. But land is not the only allotment that is carried out by the organization. These are also coupled with offers of housing schemes that are undertaken by HUDA. There are different grades of apartment buildings that are constructed to make them feasible and affordable for different income groups among the people.

These are all done with different aspect in kind. There is a special emphasis laid on the overall designs of the allotments of land and even the construction of buildings. They are all made environmentally balanced in the midst of a certain percentage of greenery and open space between buildings and land plots. There is also care taken to see that the applicants are those who are not in possession of such property. This is done to ensure that more and more new applicants have the chance to receive allocations especially those who have no other property and assets of the same kind.

There is a strict adherence to the date of the HUDA draw. It is usually within a period of 6 months from the date of the opening date of receiving applications. In case the draw is not held within the same period there is a regulation that an interest of 5.5% will be paid to all the applicants from HUDA. The interests of the applicants are also safeguarded after the allocation of the draw is complete.

There is a clause that the possession of the apartments that are under construction will be allotted within a period of 3 years. in case HUDA fails to do so under any circumstances there will be an interest paid to the owners of the apartments at the rate of 9%. There is also an undertaking of HUDA to ensure safety and security of the property allocations as well as computerize its administration. This is the same in case of apartment properties and residential plots allocation.

The prices of the allotted lands and apartments are extremely affordable and surprisingly low rates. These are made with the best standards of constructional and engineering excellence. There is also special subsidies and allotment benefits that are given to physically challenged applicants. HUDA is also committed to several types of socially responsible causes in the state as well. There are allotments of land completed that is given for the construction of hospital for the free treatments of those who are poor and underprivileged.

In all its constructions HUDA has always paid special attention to the details of proper and impeccable house planning. The arrangements of the residential plots that are allotted are also done in a way to ensure proper ventilations and exposure to roads and passageways of all the owners. Similarly in case of constructions and the inclusion of facilities and amenities there is a standard that is carefully maintained.

HUDA has also been instrumental in the construction of specially designed parks and community centers for the use of the people of the state of Haryana. The parks and community centers are available on hire for the general public at various rates. They are located in places like Karnal, Panchkula, Ambala and Jagadhari among others.

If you wish to know more about the extent and nature of the work of HUDA you can log in to their official website. The official website link is . Here you will also find further details of forthcoming draws and allocation of various types of projects from the organization. There are complete details of applications and forms download that are available here as well. There is also a full feature of all the draw results that have taken place. This allows you to check on the results at any point of time at your convenience. You can also contact their offices. There is one office at Panchkula. There are HUDA offices that are also located in Hisar and at Gurgaon.

The high standards of professionalism added with their genuine concern for constructive development and management of properties in Haryana have brought a good name for HUDA. People have appreciated their well intentioned and focused endeavor and even responded with great enthusiasm. There have been huge turnouts of applications for the projects at different places like Faridabad, Hisar and Panchkula. There are several other projects that are in the pipeline for all those who may be interested in these.

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