HUDA Extension Policy

HUDA Extension Policy is a subject that bears critical importance for almost all the applicants who wish to offer HUDA Allotment of Plots. Ever since HUDA- Haryana Urban Development Authority came into force under the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act in 1977, it has been undertaking Allotment of Plots in Haryana for specific Purposes like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and social services like Schools, Hospitals etc.

These HUDA Allotments take place systematically through HUDA Auction, HUDA Plots Draw and First-Come-First-Serve basis. For various reasons, once the Plots are allotted to the applicants after the announcement of HUDA Results, they may wish to defer the construction on them. This is when the knowledge of HUDA Extension Policy that was effective since 1987, comes handy so that we can think of deferring the construction according to the HUDA Regulations and the HUDA Byelaws in force.

In case of HUDA Plots meant for Residential purposes, HUDA Extension Policy states that the construction on the Allotted Plot should take place within two years after the allotment of the Plot takes place. Once the construction has started, further extension of 15 yrs is granted on some conditions.

In case of HUDA Commercial Plots, HUDA Extension Policy is slightly different as it charges the allotted applicant based on the number of storey.Many HUDA Byelaws that govern HUDA Extension for Industrial Plots have deep implications that can be best understood by visiting the Official Website of HUDA Website. The same is applicable for the extension of HUDA Institutional sites. offers the contact details of HUDA Haryana Urban Development Authority like its internet link and the HUDA Panchkula address so that all your queries regarding HUDA Extension Policy can get resolved.

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