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Ever since partition of the India Kolkata and Delhi are, the two cities that bore the brunt of the huge population that settled from Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Along with this, there was a continuous flow of population from the rural belt to the urban areas. Thus, the need to develop additional area to accommodate this huge population was needed. The Gurgaon region, which is a creation of the HUDA, is an example of it. HUDA here refers to Haryana urban development authority. It was set up in the year 1977 with intention of setting up urban estates in Haryana.

Gurgaon because of its proximity to the national capital became one of the better success stories of HUDA. Noida, which is under the Uttar Pradesh government, is another of these townships. Many people in search of a better life moved from the national capital to Gurgaon.

It is due to this inflow of population in Gurgaon that housing slowly and steadily became a costly affair here. In addition to all this Gurgaon soon became a favorite destination for business houses to set up base. Thus, Gurgaon had indeed made its transformation from the small town of mythological importance to the present day business hub. If you do look at Gurgaon today with sky rises, you will find it difficult to compare it with the earlier Gurgaon.

Today we find that many a leading real estate developer is willing to enter Gurgaon as it offers ample scope to earn handsome profits. In fact we have the country largest real estate developer DLF participating hugely in various projects in the Gurgaon region. DLF has built huge residential projects in the Gurgaon region in various phases. However, credit of this development should go only to HUDA. Today affordable housing is something, which is very much in demand. Most of the properties, which are being developed by builders, are luxurious apartments, which are bound to burn a hole in your pocket. Even today, if you visit the office of HUDA you will find that they have plans to launch affordable housing projects. The process is very much simple. They will float tenders, which you will have to apply. The allocation may be done through a lottery or a first come first serve basis.

The draw is generally held within a stipulated time. It is mostly held within six months. If not so then the customer will get back his money and with a 5.5% interest. However if you payment is delayed for some reason you might have to shell out an interest. It is around 12%. Now if you pay lump sum you can also get a rebate of 5%. HUDA also looks after the roads in the area. In its own way it is responsible for the development of the Gurgoan region.

Other than the HUDA post the 2008 recession, you will get affordable houses from the private sector also. It was after the 2008 recession real estate prices came crashing down. There were no takers for the luxury apartments. Private builders realized it and soon we had apartments worth 25 to 30 lakhs coming up all over Gurgaon. Some of the major apartments that are coming are Vatika Next, here you have flats, which start from 16 lakhs. The ILD spire greens on sector 37 have apartments, which start from Rs 26 lakhs. Now if you feel you want to buy from reputed builders, Raheja builders are offering you apartments on sector 92 and 95. The Navodaya housing projects will give you apartments from Rs 27 lakhs onwards.

Gurgaon is slowly developing into a hub of trade and commerce. You have people from various parts of the country working here in Gurgaon. Now if you have left your family behind and living alone in Gurgaon you to can buy single bedroom flats for yourself. Falcon reality services are developing Global Eqi City on NH-8, where they are offering you single bedroom flats for as low as 5.5 lakhs. It is much better to buy these small flats than live on rent. The monthly installments will be lower than that of the rent. You can sell the property when you leave Gurgaon. The value of the property will appreciate. You can earn a profit by selling the property at a higher price. Now to add to all these you have projects from the HUDA. As discussed earlier you can apply for housing projects of the HUDA. The big disadvantage here is that you may not be the lucky one when chosen by the lottery. It is then you can buy houses or flats developed from private developers.

HUDA is in its own way responsible for developing Gurgaon into an excellent township. The greatest advantage here is that it has also made it possible for the middle class to live here. Places like Sohna, Rozka- Moe, Dharuhera, are some of the places where housing projects have come up. HUDA has also contributed a lot to develop the area also. The HUDA has developed Parks community halls. In fact, it has laid the foundation to transform Gurgaon into the centre for trade and commerce to flourish.

The main purpose of organizations such as HUDA is to develop rural areas and transform them into townships. HUDA has done excellent work here in Gurgoan. The decisions taken by it are all people centric. Its main objective is to provide housing for everyone. In an overpopulated country like India, housing is a major problem. Now if you let the market forces decide then the demand and supply will never match. The demand will always overtake supply resulting in higher prices which are out of reach for the common person. The common person is always forced to live in the outskirts where the infrastructure is minimum. Agencies such as the HUDA have ensured that the common person can also stay in the centre of the city and enjoy facilities. Life in Gurgoan would have been impossible had it not been for the contribution of the HUDA.

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