HUDA Master Plan For Hyderabad

Hyderabad is considered as an A grade city of India. The city is well-planned and lots of industries, specially the IT industry, have made immense contribution for the growth and development of the city. With proper infrastructure and development, the city is now a popular destination for many industrialists as well as common Indian people who come here to earn their livelihood. In order to look after the infrastructural growth of the city the Andhra Pradesh government formed Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA), under the state development act in October 1975. HUDA not only looks after Hyderabad Property Management but also Secunderabad Real Estate. HUDA has come up with 2 Master Plans and 20 Zonal Development Plans. HUDA covers up an area of about 1348 and it includes the entire Hyderabad district and parts of Ranga Reddy and Medak districts.

The 2 Master Plans are made to promote housing projects in a massive way so that all sections of people who reside in the city can afford to buy homes of their own, specially the financially weaker sections. The plans are also made to look after the building regulations for all new constructions and all the existing and old constructions of the city.


  • Development – It is formed to take care of all the developmental projects in the proposed planned area that comes under HUDA.

  • Planning – It is formed with many experts to prepare and revise the Master Plan and 20 Zonal Developmental Plans.

  • Co-ordination – With more interaction with the public agencies that have interests to provide amenities and services to the urban infrastructure.

  • Regulation & Control – The HUDA is also formed to regulate and control the developmental work through constitutional plans and numerous other measures.


HUDA has formed 2 Master Plans to promote the growth of the city and the growth in IT industry is considered as the product of the plans. More Foreign Direct Investment and big corporate houses are coming and thus improving the growth rate of the city. This happens only for proper planning and correct execution of the plans to get sustainable developmental activities. The Master Plan has rendered significance to the Land Use Zonal Regulations that actually determine the land recruitment and sale or even rentals in the city.

According to the Master Plans, the land use categories have been divided into the many zones. These are Residential Zone, Manufacturing Zone, Commercial Zone, Multiple Use Zone, Public & Semipublic Zone, Conservation Zone, Open Space Zone, Public Utilities, Special Reservations, Forests, Water Bodies, and Transportation & Communication Zone.


In order to look after all the Master Plans & Zonal Developmental Plans, one board has been formed. The board is enriched with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the official members of HUDA. There are altogether 15 members in the board. The group represents different divisions of the urban development and planning such as land acquisition, town planning, finance, accounting and engineering. HUDA gets capital from its own revenues that are earned from the processing fees, rents, loans, developmental charges and administration of developed plots.


Hyderabad Urban Development Authority has taken numerous projects to give the city and the adjacent areas a new modern look. Some of the projects include commercial buildings, flyovers, natural gardens and many more. They are also planning to provide new homes to all the people who are in real need of an abode.

  • Flyovers – Flyovers are erected to ensure smooth traffic flow within the city. These are erected with proper planning and gives a new look to the city. There are ample parking space and areas for advertisements under these flyovers. Fountains are installed under the flyovers to give a fresh green look. The flyovers at Bashirbagh and Tarnaka are the best examples of the work.

  • Natural Gardens – This is an initiative to make the city green and provide ample oxygen to breathe well. You can find many seasonal flowers, tree groves, shrubbery and sprawling lawns in these gardens.

  • Commercial Buildings – Tarnaka Commercial Compound & Maitrivihar Commercial Compound are the best examples.

HUDA has also future plans to construct a Hi-Tec City, one International Airport, Hardware Park and not the least 29 link roads to all major points to improve the accessibility. The board members and other officials are working hard to provide the city with all the international standards in terms of infrastructure, beauty and hygiene. You can get all other information about HUDA from the internet where you will get to learn about all the past, present and future projects of the authority.