JDA - Jaipur Development Authority

Jaipur Development Authority was consituted on 5th August 1982. Objective behind its establishment is to undertake Planning and Supervising the Proper, Orderly and Rapid Development of Jaipur Region.

Residential Schemes

At present the population of Jaipur is around 19 lakhs and may reach 48 lakhs by 2011. So providing good housing facilities is a challengeable job. There are number of housing schemes and JDA is striving towards providing every family a good home with all civic amenities.


Jaipur Development Authority undertakes development in all areas. Trading and commercial activities are growing at a very fast rate. JDA has acquired land for commercial activities like for retail commercial and general business, wholesale business and warehousing and godowns, specialized markets. Jaipur manufacturing industry has shown a positive progress. And to boost its development further, 2904 acres will be used.

Recreational facilities are being provided at a larger scale with the development of huge parks at different levels i.e. Regional level, City Level, Sectoral Level and Neighborhood Level.Construction of three new stadiums and playgrounds at local level is in progress.Under the 1991 Master Plan, National Highways, bye passes and regional and sub arterial roads were constructed. In addition to this road network plan is ready to be implemented soon. It will result in expansion of Jaipur city.

Contact Details



Indira Circle, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,


E-mail: jdajpr@sancharnet.in, info@jaipurjda.org

For further information visit their website:  www.jaipurjda.org