Central Bank of India - Cards and Branches

Based in the pivotal city of Mumbai, Central Bank of India is owned by the Indian government and is one of the many largest and oldest commercial banks spread across India. Sir Sorabji Pochkhanwala first established the bank as a complete ‘Swadeshi Bank’ in the year 1911. Since then, the bank has done its every bit to extend full length services for customer satisfaction.

Bestowing its trust in total customer strength, its prime motive has always remained to earning loyalty. Through the many decades, it has stood afoot through thick and thin and has only acquired the many changes to grow larger and stronger. In the year 1969, the government of India first nationalized the bank with 13 other banks.

The year 1980, first saw the introduction of Centralcard by the Central Bank of India. Gradually, many other genres of banking methods were introduced and this incorporated Quick Cheque through Collection Service, Merchant Banking, Express Service, E-Payment kinds of systems and Internet Banking were introduced.

Bank Statistics

Central Bank proudly serves its countrymen for a robust social and economic growth and development. It has been engaged in services in all kinds of sectors, like agricultural and financial with infusion of credit facilities in all kinds of large, medium and small scale enterprises. Totally described as the All India Bank, the Central Bank spreads out a large network in almost 28 states, precisely 27 states and also 4 Union Territories, spread all across India.

The bank holds a very prominent place in the in the Public Sector and is accounted for its widespread network over 3146 branches throughout the 275 total of extension counters spread through the extensions of the country. The record holds of about a remarkable 25 millions of the total population as account holders all over India, which marks its popularity in the banking industry. The different renowned corporate houses across India like LIC, ICICI, UTI (Axis), IDBI, HDFC are some of the well known corporate clients loyal to Central Bank of India.

The Various Services and banking Products of Central Bank of India

Deposit Facilities

  • Cent Uttam type Scheme

  • Tax Saving Deposit

  • MIDR- Monthly Interest Deposit Receipt

  • MMDC- Money Multiplier Deposit Certificate

  • QIDR- Quarterly interest Deposit Receipt

  • Coverage for Personal Accident and Recurring Deposit

  • Cent Bachat Khata

Some of the above deposits have been discussed below:

MIDR or QIDR (Monthly Interest Deposit Receipt or Quarterly Interest Deposit Receipt): Here the scheme follows that the interest will be added quarterly or monthly. You have start out the account with a minimum of Rs. 5000 balance. The duration can stretch from 12 months to a maximum of 120 months.

MMDC (Money Multiplier Deposit Certificate): Here there is the privilege of adding or multiplying your deposit exponentially. This is because the interest keeps on adding to total principal amount thus giving that extra advantage of letting the deposit to increase with great boost.

The Cent Uttam Scheme: This is considered as a highly useful scheme, since this allows the withdrawer to withdraw a part of the deposit whenever you fell like. This means the deposits offer easy liquidity, but only a fraction or part of it but with high return. This means the scheme is useful for those who want to withdraw money in between.

However, for each of the above deposits and the other kinds of deposits which have been mentioned, there is a long list of rules. One has to go through all of them to understand how the rules and restrictions work.

Central Bank Cards

Central Bank of India offers different kinds of card schemes, which have been discussed below:

Centalcard Scheme: There are different merchandise establishments all over the country. With the centracard you can go for shopping in those places. But remember, the offer is valid only in India and in any part of India. For an internal facility, you have to use the International Central Master Card.

Centralcard Electronics Scheme: The various terminals of master credit cards, you can use the Central bank type credit card which will be accepted. However, it is also accepted in Nepal. This means the card is acceptable for both domestic and also global purposes.

Debit Card Scheme: Use the Central Bank debit card and you have access to about a total of 5.3 millions total merchandise establishments. The card is usable for 24 hours a day and provides the most secure way of accessing your account anywhere ypu are in the world. There are about 6 millions ATMs thus allowing you access to any of them without any hassle.

Hence it can be added that the credit card schemes are most convenient and full of privileges especially when offered by Central Bank of India.

Central Bank Loans

  • Education Loans

  • Housing loans

  • Special educational type Loans

  • Car Loans

  • Agricultural Loans

  • Loans for Teachers and Pensioners

  • Trade Loans

  • Computer Loans

  • Car loans

Hence, it can be said that different people from walks of life can benefit from the loans.

Other Kinds of Services:

  • Cash management services

  • Travelers Cheque

  • Cent Bill pay

  • Special services

  • Gift Cheques

  • Mutual Funds

  • Depository Service

E-payment Services:

  • West Bengal State Govt Tax

  • Online Bill Payment

  • Collection of Direct taxed

  • Service Tax Payments

  • DGFT Online E-payment

Net Banking Services

Since Central bank of India caters net banking services. Therefore you can avail all the above services by logging onto websites and into your banking account. This will help you to retrieve information regarding any kind of service that you feel like. Besides, you get a great deal of information on stock price, issue price, share value, share price, stock price. Therefore you can use that information from the comforts of your home. You can also make out any kind of enquiry regarding allotment status, money control, recruitment procedure, IPO fund and much more.

Central bank of India entails a lot of informative services that help in every individual’s financial growth. If you log onto its website, you can get a great deal of information that will be convenient for every individual to enable in personal and financial development, which in turn will enable in overall country’s development.


Central Bank Branches


Mumbai Head Office






Central Bank of India



Chander Mukhi,


Monteith Road

Narman Point



Mumbai - 400 021


Chennai - 600 008

Phone: 91-22 - 6638 7777


Phone: 91-562 - 2850154/3424


Fax: 91-562 - 2853698/1341









P. B. No. 522,


Central Bank Building



33, Netaji Subhash Road

Mahapathram Road,


Kolkata - 700 001

Bank Street


Phone: 91-33 - 22301270

Hyderabad - 500 195


Fax: 91-33 - 22309864

Phone: 91-40 - 24740361


Email: zmkolkzo@centralbank.co.in

Fax: 91-40 - 24742841


Email: zmhydezo@centralbank.co.in


New Delhi






P. B. No. 7007


P. B. No. 98, 317

Link House


M. G. Road,

Press Area,


Pune - 411 001

3 Bahadurshah Zafar Road


Phone: 91-20 - 26131611

New Delhi - 110 002


Fax: 91-20 - 26131618

Phone: 91-11 - 23318964


Email: zmpunezo@centralbank.co.in

Fax: 91-11 - 23311332/237


Email: zmdelhzo@centralbank.co.in






P.B No.9560


Santosh Complex


Kempegowda Road


Bangalore 560009




Phone: 91-80-22265652


Fax: 91-80-22258581


Email: cmbang0850@centralbank.co.in