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Building Material Suppliers of India

Building material suppliers in India help in supplying various kinds of building material. They help in the actual execution of building construction projects Hence, building contractors , who is at the helm of all affairs related to the execution of a project, depends much on building material suppliers for timely delivery of materials, such as cement, bricks, sands, granite, marbles, gravels, concrete, lumber, mortars, tiles, timber etc.

A strong and sturdy building is characterized by the materials used in its construction. The building materials are the bare bones of a structure and hence, they should be of good quality in order to increase durability of constructed building. If we use construction materials of an inferior quality, the structure of our houses would not stand against the extremities of nature and would soon become unfit, and obviously dangerous, to reside.

Quality Construction Supplies

It is very important that the materials used are of high quality, which brings us to the point that the building material supplier should be a reliable person. To ensure the quality of construction materials, you are recommended to buy only those products that bear the mark of quality by an authorized quality testing body. Hence, to be on safer side, one should always go for construction materials manufactured by reputed national or international companies. Building material materials suppliers keep good stocks of locally made as well as branded construction materials.

Building material suppliers can be found at every place in India. They are normally accessed through the medium of building contractors, but you can also approach them directly for any of your construction material needs. Nowadays, real estate websites are evolving as a good medium to approach reliable construction materials suppliers. Let us look into some of the leading building material suppliers in India who can be contacted for all your housing needs.

ACC Ltd: ACC Ltd. is one of the India’s leading cement manufacturers with a wide network of factories. It was established in 1963. Since then it has been trend setter in concrete and cement technology. It is one of the first companies of India to include commitment towards environment protection. It has also won honor for environment friendly measures that it has taken at the plants and mines. It is now one of the most favored cement brand names in India. It offers wide range of cements and blended cements through a network of 11 regional marketing offices, 16 area offices, and 160 warehouses. This is backed by a countrywide network of over 9,000 dealers who, in turn, are assisted by their sub-dealers. Such an all-encompassing marketing network has enabled ACC to consolidate itself with a national presence. And the customer is assured of being able to get quality ACC products when and where he wants them.

Website: www.acclimited.com

Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd.: Gujarat Ambuja Cements was set up in 1986. In the last decade the company has grown tenfold. With the commencement of commercial production at its 2mn tonne plant in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, Ambuja will become Indias 3rd largest cement company. Apart from these it has plants in Darlaghat in Himachal Pradesh, Ropar and Bhatinda in Punjab, Pali in Rajasthan, Kodinar in Gujarat, Sankrail in West Bengal. With a capacity of 12.5mn tonnes and revenue in excess of 2,500 crores. Its plants are some of the most efficient in the world. With environment protection measures that are on par with the finest in the developed world.

Website: www.gujaratambuja.com

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.: Kajaria Ceramics was incorporated in 1985. It is one of the largest ceramic floor and tiles manufacturer in India. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. aims at expanding itself to meet the growing demands. It’s the manufacturing plants are in Sikandrabad (UP) and Gailpur (Rajasthan) are the places where global technology is applied to produce the finest Indian tiles. Increased production from 12 million sq. mtrs. to 18 million sq. mtrs. of tiles per annum has added to Kajaria's Output. With certificates such as ISO 14001 for environmental standards, ISO 9001 for quality and OHSAS 18001 for bench marking safety systems (the first in India), these plants also fulfill international norms.

Website: www.kajariaceramics.com

Berger Paints India Ltd.: Berger Paints India Ltd. was established in 1923. It is India’s second largest paint player. It has headquarters in Kolkata. Berger Paints is the culmination of over seven-decade process of evolution. Its growth has been closely linked with the business and industrial development of modern India. The Country's third largest paint manufacturer. Berger hass a distribution network comprising of nearly 66 stock points and approximately 10,000 dealers, spread across the country.

Website: www.bergerpaints.com

Building Material Costs

Besides supplying materials that go into the construction of a building, the building material suppliers also hire out such materials that are used in erecting the structure of a building. These construction supplies include bamboos, wooden frames, building and construction tools, wooden planks, and much more. Since, these tools are merely to help construct a house, they are not purchased normally, but hired. Local building material suppliers keep all these stuff and let you use them at a reasonable cost.

The overall cost of building construction depends much on the cost of building materials. So, importance must be given to the selection of building material suppliers. Priority should be given to those suppliers who offer quality products at the least price. Used building materials give you another option to cut the cost of construction materials in India. There are several suppliers that stock used building materials and supply them to the customers at much lower rates.

Price rise of building material has affected the construction industry in India. Price of iron, PVC, cement, hardware, sanitary ware as well as electrical equipment has increased recently. In last two months the cement prices have increased from Rs 190 to Rs 270 for 50 Kg cement. Also, the price of bricks has increased from Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500 for 1000 bricks. Rate of iron has also increased from Rs 34,000 to Rs 44,000 for a tone. Whereas hardware that is made of copper, brass, and steel has increased by 10% in last three months.

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