Canara Bank Debit Card

Cashless shopping is really risk free and even saves you from all hassles of carrying cash wherever you go. In order to enjoy this cashless experience, Canara Bank has provided its customers with debit card facility through which you can not only withdraw cash for personal use but can also shop online or from the retail stores at any point of time. Canara Bank debit card is absolutely safe and convenient and can be used globally. The card is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issue till the last day of the month of expiry. In order to prevent any misuse and fraud of the card it is necessary to keep it secured and sign across the signature panel at the back of the card. Do carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned on the user guide to avoid any confusions at a later date. In order to ensure that your card is absolutely safe do not hand it over to anyone else for any transaction. Bending or scratching of the card might cause the magnetic strip to get damaged which contains important information about the card.

You can easily download the application form for debit card from the bank’s website in order to avail the facility. This card is verified by Visa or MasterCard so that all your transactions take place in a secured manner. The bank offers Classic and Platinum cards to its customers based on their requirements. The PIN number provided with the card pack should not be stored anywhere for security reasons. The cards however have a cash withdrawal limit up to INR 25,000 per day with a purchase transaction of INR 20,000 per day for Classic card holders while for the Platinum customers the withdrawal limit is INR 25,000 per day with a transaction limit of INR 2 lakhs on a daily basis. This ATM cum Debit Card can be used anywhere and at any point of time in order to meet your instant monetary needs.

These cards are available free of cost but you need to keep it secured in order to prevent any misuse of the same. Do take a note of the customer care number mentioned at the back of the card or on the pack so that you can instantly contact the department to inform them about the loss of your card. The debit card user guide provides you an insight about the various features and benefits of the card so that you remain protected at each and every stage.