Chennai Development Authority

Chennai Housing development authority aims at improving the infrastructure facilities and providing better accommodation facilities along with high standard of living. The basic services include improving the water drainage and waste management system along with the sanitation facilities. They have become the centre of the entire developmental activities along with the provision for a stable and affordable housing. The capital city of Tamil Nadu is considered as a hub for commercial, industrial and educational activities and hence attracts a lot of people from all over the country. Due to this particular reason, the demand for housing is always touching great heights in the region. The private builders and housing companies are always concentrating on the high end-customers base and have designed the houses according to their lavish style of living. The Chennai housing authority offers housing solutions to the people at reasonable rates. You can also choose from the wide range of available accommodations from the city. The real estate market of Chennai is increasing with a tremendous speed and you can easily have a look at the unprecedented change that has taken place in the past couple of years. The new upcoming projects in Chennai provide an opportunity for the people to seek affordable homes in the region. However, with the rise in the capital values it has become quite difficult for a person to seek affordable homes in this metropolitan city.

If you do not have the required amount to purchase the plot or the house, you can easily get it sponsored by different public and private sector agencies. You can also opt for bank loans in order to acquire your dream home. The local banks will easily offer you home loans at a reasonable rate along with different types of finance options. In many the cases, the housing authorities and the construction companies have already collaborated with the banks so that their customers need not wonder for bank loans.

There is huge number of onsite construction works going on in the city. A large number of latest housing projects have previously been launched by Navin Lodging and Properties in the region. Some of these projects include -

  • Dayton Heights- It is a multi-storey housing apartment sited at Nelson Manickam road

  • Merrylands- It is a three bedroom suburban apartment situated at Maedavakkam

  • Subha Mangala- It is a forthcoming project featuring two and three bedroom apartments.

  • Brookfield - It is also an upcoming project featuring two and three bedroom apartments

  • Rajamani- A fresh housing project comprising of eight apartments and four floors.
    Jain Housing and constructions limited is also coming up with new residential projects which
    consists of two and three bedroom flats of various specifications. They have been planned for
    different locations of the city.