Ghaziabad Development Authority

Ghaziabad Development Authority helps people realize their dreams of owning homes in the city marked exceptionally for high standard of living. With the establishment of Ghaziabad Development Authority, the wide expanse of the area encompassed by the boundaries of the city was laid open to the hapless people of the national capital who found it hard to possess a residential house anywhere in the capital due to escalating price of properties. Thus, the residential complexes, flats and apartments constructed by the housing boards and authorities in the city over the years have housed a multitude of people. Meanwhile, the progression of the city into the one that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities has made it one of the best destinations for residential pursuit.

Ghaziabad Housing Authority

As the city now holds the most important place in the list of possible housing destinations for a home seeker, the price of real estate property in Ghaziabad is going through the roof and gradually going out of reach for the common people. Under the circumstances, it is once again the same Ghaziabad Development Authority that offers you the most advanced accommodation at the most reasonable prices. And it does so with the active support of various regional housing authorities and Ghaziabad Housing Boards. People wait in anticipation the next housing project from such government agencies. To get the latest in this regard, you may visit the official housing authority websites mentioned below.

Ghaziabad Development Authority has constructed alot of houses and plots from the year 1960 to 1977. They are undertaking new residential colonies as well as commercial complexes in Ghaziabad.