HUDCO - Housing And Urban Development Corporation Ltd

Incorporated on 25th April 1970, HUDCO India - Housing And Urban Development Corporation Ltd has come a long way in successfully attaining its job. It was basically formed with an objective of assisting various agencies and authorities in tasks related with housing in the country. Their main goal was to bring about an up gradation in housing conditions in the country. In order to give an equal opportunity to all sections of the society especially the weaker population of the society, HUDCO Niwas Yojana was introduced. The rationale behind coming up with this scheme was to develop housing facilities for the economically weaker sections (EWS) of the society.

HUDCO’s objectives were designed in such a manner that it could effectively fulfil these objectives. These objectives may be broadly classified in five different types. Firstly, it takes total responsibilities or funds the development of satellite towns. It is the board that has the prime responsibility of setting them up. Secondly, give necessary assistance in furnishing long term funds for building homes that are necessary for residential purposes. Whenever there is a need for urban development across the country, it does not shy off from taking entire responsibility. Thirdly, it plays a crucial role in allocation or development of the industrial resources that is meant exclusively for building materials. Fourthly, it sets up, aids, promotes and also gives consultancy services for various projects undertaken by HUDCO. These services are of three types – undertake accurate planning, designing that pertains to housing and meet urban development agenda both in India as well as abroad. Fifthly, the board of HUDCO regulates the funds that is actually derived or obtained from the Government of India. This regulation and monitoring is normally done on recurrent basis.

HUDCO started with an initial equity base of Rs. 2 crores. From such a small capital base, it has gone on to become one of the best housing entities in the entire country. Today, its net worth stands at a whopping Rs. 3977 crores. Normally, any housing entity has a plethora of areas that it covers. However, HUDCO aims to provide financing for housing developments. Keeping this in mind, HUDCO Financial Services has come into the scenario which is the task of HUDCO Bank. This bank has gone to mobilize finances and funds from diverse sources such as financing institutions like LIC, GIC and other banking institutions, Public deposits, International assistance from KfW, JBIC, ADB, USAID etc.

realizing a huge demand for its projects, it has been successfully been able to opt for market borrowings. Most of these borrowings are in the form of debentures, taxable and tax-free bonds. This type of borrowing has found an immense acceptance from a large number of investors. The fact that there are tax soaps attached to these borrowings, it allows investors of taxable and tax-free bonds to make a savings in their tax payable obligations. Therefore, you will find the market is flooded with such bonds especially during end of the Income Tax calendar year of 31st March of any given year.

With its increase of goodwill and reputation as a safe investment destination from investor’s angle, HUDCO has never felt any problem in making such borrowings. That is one reason why its role is no longer restricted to mere just housing development. Currently, it is better known for its role played in overall infrastructure development assistance.

Some of the activity areas of HUDCo includes Urban housing, Rural housing, Staff rental housing, Repairs and renewal, Shelter and sanitation facilities for footpath dwellers, Workingwomen ownership condominium housing, Housing through private builders/ joint sector, Individual HUDCO housing loans and HUDCO home loan for construction and renovation through 'HUDCO Niwas', Land acquisition, Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY), Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JLNNURM).

Besides financing housing schemes, it contributes to improving quality of life. This they achieve by augmenting basic community facilities and infrastructure services. Some of these services in infrastructure sector includes, Integrated land acquisition and development, Environmental improvement of slums, Utility infrastructure, Social infrastructure and Economic and commercial infrastructure. Coming to its financial services, it provides HUDCO home loans by HUDCO Bank for HUDCO Niwas. Additionally, it does give finances for Urban Development Projects and Industrial Products Projects by HUDCO Bank.

In terms of building technology, it plays a significant role in building centres for technology transfer at grass-roots and building materials industries. Of late it has also started consultancy services that includes Consultancy in housing, urban development and infrastructure. HUDCO also provides research and training services to borrowing agencies. Such training lays down special emphasis on human settlement planning and management.


Corporate Office Address:

Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited

HUDCO Bhawan,


India Habitat Centre

Lodhi Road,

New Delhi - 110003

Phone: 91-11- 24649610-23

Fax: 91-11-24625308