ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking

In the past couple of years, the banking sector has shown a tremendous improvement and is still developing at a fast pace. Customers at present appear to be quite satisfied. With each passing day, the ease with which transactions are taking place has impressed everyone. In fact, it is a healthy sign and it is hoped that customers will be served even better in the near future. The best example in this context is ICICI bank. ICICI bank is the second largest bank of India in the private sector. On top of that, ICICI corporate banking has now become the new revolution. The corporate banking feature has a wide range of services to suit various organizations.

ICICI Corporate Banking

The services include global trade services, cash management services, investment banking, structured finance, merchant banking, project finance, technology finance, government banking, international banking etc. Again, one more interesting and convenient feature is the corporate net banking which has revolutionized the way banking is done through a computer and that too safely, securely, reliably and in a hassle-free manner. Now there is no need to do to transactions manually, which in turn saves a lot of time of the concerned customers and various corporate houses. Note that, net banking has the capability to carry out thousands of transaction everyday and being a foolproof system there is hardly any chance of security breaches. Thus, ICICI corporate net banking has come as a breath of fresh air for all the concerned ICICI bank customers.

The cash management services of ICICI bank is the reply to all your complex needs of cash management involving a complete range of payable and receivable services. For the smooth functioning of your business, every care has been taken to ensure that payments (received from the respective dealers) made to your trusted suppliers are processed effectively for optimizing the position of your respective cash flow. No matter, whatever be the business requirements of your corporation, all of them will be met at one place i.e. under the roof of ICICI bank. The primary objective of ICICI bank is to improve its client servicing by constant improvement and innovation of the various product offerings. It’s that simple.

Then the trade services of ICICI bank are designed in such a manner that a variety of short term and medium term financing requirements are met for enabling your company to grab fresh business prospects as and when available. All in all, ICICI bank is the one stop solution to your all financial and corporate requirements. You can put your trust on ICICI without any hitch. The whole transaction process is ingeniously streamlined to provide the best services and the finest deals. Corporate houses can even consider this service of ICICI to be a win-win situation. No more worries related to payments are left now because delays are becoming lesser and lesser nowadays. The service is undoubtedly reliable. You can even trust them in case of foreign transactions. Financial control is with you.

ICICI Bank Corporate Banking Customer Care

ICICI bank has a 24 hour helpline for Corporate and Business Banking Customers. The customer care and the toll free numbers are as follows -

Ahmedabad : 66309891

Bangalore : 41287799

Chennai : 4204 7799

Delhi : 41617799 / 9818177799

Kolkata : 983137 7799

Lucknow : 9895477799

Mumbai : 28307799

Pune : 9890447799