ICICI Bank Debit Card

ICICI Bank Debit Card gives you the advantages of an ATM card and a credit card combined into a single card. The package deal includes forethought of Any Time Money services and the cashless spending facility of a credit card accepted widely. With ICICI Bank Debit Card, you can enjoy cashless shopping, traveling, dining or other leisure activities without having to carry sizeable cash. Whenever you swipe the ICICI ATM cum debit card, the amount is debited directly to your ICICI Bank account.

ICICI Bank Debit Cards are accepted at over 3.5 lakh merchant establishments across the country and 24 million shops across the globe with ATM compatibility at over 3000 ICICI Bank ATMs, 18000 VISA/ MasterCard ATM locations in India and over a million VISA ATMs globally. Your ICICI Bank Debit Card bears your signature that is duly matched by the merchandiser to the one on the bill slip you are supposed to sign-in while making payment through your card for any purchases you make.

In case of loss or theft of your ICICI Bank Debit Card, all you are required to do is report to the 24 x 7 Customer Care of ICICI Bank about the mishap. This way ICICI Bank protects you from any financial liability arising from any transaction made on the lost card from the time of reporting. A new debit card is issued to you by ICICI Bank within a week.

The available ICICI Bank Debit Cards include:

  • ICICI Bank Platinum Debit Card

  • ICICI Bank Private Banking Debit Card

  • ICICI Bank Gold Debit Card

  • ICICI Bank HPCL Debit Card

  • ICICI Bank Ncash Silver Card

  • ICICI Bank Ncash Debit Card

Each card comes with unique features and offers. You can choose accordingly and apply for the card. The ICICI Bank Debit Card application procedure is quite simple. All you have to do is open a banking account with ICICI Bank or give the particulars of your pre-existing ICICI Bank Account and fill up an application form available at all ICICI Bank branches or online on their official website. Your debit card is reaches you within 2 weeks of the bank's acceptance of a duly filled form by you. You can also apply for ICICI Bank Debit Card online.The website link is provided below.