Icici Prudential Mutual Fund Offers Variety To Investors

Icici Prudential mutual fund comes from the house of Icici Prudential Asset Management Company. It is one of the greatest and the largest insurance companies in the world. Mutual funds are also in its range of products. Since the economic reforms that were introduced in the early nineties, the Indian markets have given huge returns for potential investors. However if you do want to make good money in equity markets you will have to identify small midcap stocks which in the long run will give you huge returns. Large cap stocks such as Reliance, or a State Bank of India can at the most give you limited returns.

However, this is where most people falter. Identifying the right stock requires reading balance sheets knowing something about the management of the company and their projects execution history. This is something, which is out of the reach of most common people. Thus investing in mutual funds is another very good option to grow your money. There you have professional fund managers who will do the stock picking and give you returns on your investment. Icici prudential mutual fund is one of the biggest mutual funds in India. Investing in mutual funds of the Icici group is a very good option to grow your money.

Another big reason to invest in mutual funds is that as mentioned earlier professional managers handle them. Investors are generally very sentimental about the stocks they own. Even in down cycles they continue to hold these stocks leading to huge erosion of wealth. Fund managers are professionals. They do not have any liking for a particular stock. If they feel that a particular stock may go down, they will not hesitate to sell the stock and buy it cheaply later. Shorting is a nice way to earn some money. Shorting is the process of selling stocks and buying them later on. However, we are all bulls by nature. Seldom can we stay relaxed after we have short sold something. This is one area where professional fund managers can generate good money.

Mutual funds based on the experience of a fund manager can build an ideal portfolio for themselves. The fund manager conducts studies on the economic conditions and based on these studies an ideal portfolio is built. Sometimes if the need be he sells and sits on cash. He waits for an ideal opportunity to reenter at lower levels. This amount of expertise is just not possible from the common investor. Thus, he is better of parking money in mutual funds.

Mutual fund activity here in Icici started back in the year 1998. It started with just two funds in place. However, since then it has drastically picked up. Today there are around 35 funds listed with Icici. Tenure of investment and risk appetite are the most important factors when anyone is considering any investment plans.

Icici Prudential Mutual Fund If you do enter, any Icici prudential branch with the intention of buying any mutual fund you will be entertained by people who will give you a through idea of how things do work. The range of funds here in Icici is diversified. You can invest after when you know the full potential of the risk involved.

Investing in funds at the Icici has always generated huge growth for the investor. Let us now look at some of the best mutual funds offered by Icici prudential house. Equity based funds are necessary for a fund house to operate. Some of the best equity based funds here are Icici Prudential discovery fund, Icici Prudential power fund. Then there are various other funds such as dynamic plan fund, emergency star fund, tax plan fund, and growth fund. These are some of the equity-based funds that are performing well here in Icici.

Sectoral funds are also a good way to make some money. Icici operates various sectoral funds, which will benefit investors to the hilt. There is an infrastructure fund, service industries fund, FMCG fund, technology fund, as well as a real estate fund. These are good funds to earn money if you know the basics of the economic condition of the world. For example, if you feel that equity markets will enter a bearish phase the FMCG fund would be the ideal investment opportunity. The inflation cycle is also very important. Now if you again feel that we are living in an inflationary situation and within a matter of time, the inflationary situation will cool off then you can invest in an infrastructure fund or a realty based fund. In a low inflationary environment, these sectors along with banking and auto stand to gain. Now if you want to invest in the technology sector please keep a close watch on the U.S dollar. Now if you feel that the U.S dollar has indeed bottomed out it is then a good time to invest in the technology fund. Most Indian companies be it Wipro, TCS, or Infosys do business with the U.S.A. Therefore, if the dollar does move up it is a good time to buy a technology-based fund.

It will be better to buy a fund as if you buy the shares of individual company you may again have to do a lot of homework. A classic example of it is that while of technology stocks toady have rallied and crossed their lifetime highs. However if you had bought the erstwhile Satyam Computers, or the present day Mahindra Satyam at Rs 300 you still loose good money today. Here in the branches of the Icici bank you get professional advice also.

There are also various other funds which are run by the Icici prudential company. Some are high-risk growth funds such as childcare fund, monthly income multiplier fund, and monthly income fund. Then if you do not have, the capacity to take risks you can buy minimum risks plan such as long-term floater, or short-term floater. The risks as well as the gains here are limited.

Icici prudential over the years has introduced many funds. The sectors here are diversified from infrastructure as well as power. Investors who have bought these funds have made some good money with minimum risks involved.

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