ICICI Bank Routing Numbers And Codes

Icici Bank today is the second largest bank in the country. This is a bank, which has been very aggressive in its attitude. It has resulted in a huge increase in its customer base. Now acquiring the customer is not the end. Today the competition is huge. You will also have to render him service otherwise; he can close his account, which he has opened with the bank. Thus in order to render service the bank has introduced various numbers and codes. Thus, the customer always feels at home while dealing with the bank. Let us now know a bit about these numbers and codes.

Let us now first know something about the numbers. The bank operates a 24hr customer care service centre for the benefit of the customers. Now if you are a busy person who probably do not have the time to go to the bank you can avail the services of this customer care service centre. You will have to dial a number, which is probably toll free. A customer care executive will attend you. After a brief verification process over the phone all your queries will be entertained. Your queries may range from knowing your balance to anything you want to know related to your account.

Today is a world of technology. Gone are the days when you had to visit the bank to transfer money. Today banks such as Icici have come out with innovative measures so that customers are comfortable while dealing with the bank. The Icici bank e- transfer facility is an example of this. You will need to know the ABA routing number of the bank account and you can use this facility. Sometimes your fund transfer may also be rejected you can also avail the RTGS code. Here RTGS stands for (Real Time Gross Settlement). This is a code, which has eleven characters. Some are alphabetical while some are numeric. However, it is a facility, which can only be availed by branches, which has core-banking facility. Here you will need the account number of the person in whose account money is being credited. This is a facility, which is used if the amount to be transferred is more than Rs 1 lakh. If the amount to be transferred is less than Rs 1 lakh the NEFT or National electronic fund transfer facility can be used.

The bank just like any other bank has also introduced various codes to suit people better. We have the IFS code as well as the MICR code, which helps in identifying the individual branch of the bank. Money can thus be transferred quickly and without any major hazards.

These codes and numbers have indeed made life comfortable for the Icici bank customer. The secret here is to make banking a hassle free exercise. There is tremendous competition amongst the various banks. It is going to increase as the RBI is toying with the idea to dole out more banking licenses. Thus, customer service is an important aspect, which needs to be looked into. If the customer is not satisfied, he will go to the next bank.

ICICI Customer Care:
Ahmedabad: 66309890
Bangalore: 41131877
Delhi: 9818178000
Hyderabad: 23128000
Mumbai: 28307777
Pune: 9890478000