ICICI Bank Online

ICICI Bank Online Banking Services provide the largest private bank in India right here at your desktops. Banking becomes a pleasure as the transactions and services become instant with ICICI Bank online Internet banking. The services provided are totally secure and unique. These cover online account transactions and operations, credit card and account applications and payments, share trading and investments through mutual funds, bill payments, statement generation and a virtual demo of each service.

The details of various banking services provided online by ICICI Bank India include:

  • Transfer of Funds: From ICICI Bank accounts to Non-ICICI accounts across 100 cities in India and also to VISA debit or credit card holders across 150 cities in India.

  • Payment Gateway: Pay your utility bills and get recharge of your pre-paid mobile online through the ICICI online payment gateway

  • Money Order: A money order can be sent anytime with delivery to the destination mentioned.

  • Online Applications: ICICI bank offers facility to open fixed or recurring deposit accounts online. You can also order for Demand drafts or Pay orders from your ICICI bank account to be delivered at your registered address. You can request for a new Cheque Book and also an ATM or debit card online.

  • Online Trading: ICICI bank offers a 3-in-1 account that is inclusive of banking, broking and demat accounts. Through this you can trade in securities and invest in mutual funds, IPO and PSS through ICICI direct.

  • Other Services: In case we want to stop payment of a particular Cheque, we can cancel the transaction online. Application for re-issue of ATM/ Debit cards, renewal or premature closure of deposits, De-activation of ATM/ Debit card, requesting a physical bank statement and securing the ICICI bank internet banking account are some of the most customer-friendly services of ICICI online banking.