ICICI Bank Personal Banking

One of the chief attributes of modern banking is personalized services extended to customers as part of premium service offers. This is done not only to make individuals feel special with high efficient services customized to their needs but to enable them cope with a fast paced life. It is with the same motive that ICICI Bank personal banking was initiated to provide busy and corporate clients with individually designed services that would make banking comfortable for them. In most cases there are personal bankers assigned to clients who can now easily refer to them for their banking information and all other requirements.

Services offered by ICICI personal banking are easy to avail that allow people hassle free banking. The concept became popular as more and more customers tend to have less spare time to come to the bank physically and spend more time with their computers. Secure accounts were further assigned passwords and user ids that enable customers with a wide range of facilities.

  • Create savings accounts through online access

  • Call or apply online for cheque books

  • Making online payments

  • Personal delivery of cash amounts to customers

  • Ask personal banker for fixed deposit details

  • Make requests for fixed deposits, loans and credit cards on phone

  • Ask for wealth management options from personal banker

These are few customized services available from ICICI Bank personal banking. Caught in busy lives amidst personal and professional commitments, there is a considerable lightened burden on customers with personal banking services. You are a phone call away from your personal baker who will be available with all relevant information you need. Following your request not only will they guide you effectively but also ensure that your request has been followed up at the earliest. In case of investment and wealth management details there are scheduled discussions held at your convenient time and place with the personal banker and executives from respective departments.

There is a particular advantage brought to individual customers who travel extensively. ICICI Bank personal banking brings you a host of personalized services from quotations for travel related insurance policies to issuance of credit cards that will enable transactions all over the world; these are available among other services at quick speed and on a priority basis. With personalized services available through your internet account and phone banking options, it is an even convenient mode of banking. There are options of initiating funds transfer and bill payments from your latest.

ICICI personal banking has been one of the first of its kind that has brought about individual and personalized services to clients. a high level of services backed by authentic and secure technological safeguards have undoubtedly made modern banking easier and time saving.