ICICI Bank Prepaid Cards

ICICI Prepaid Cards provide you the new-age alternative to payments, disbursements, ticket buying, gifting and other transactions. ICICI Prepaid Card is a smart and secure way of dissipating payments conveniently. Based on the VISA platform, ICICI Bank Pre-paid Cards are acceptable at over one lakh merchant establishments and 18,000 VISA ATMs across India.

The various forms of ICICI Prepaid Cards available are:

ICICI Bank Annuity Card:

This card is available to the ICICI Prudential Annuity Plan holders. The annuity payments to these customers can be made through prepaid cards rather than through ICICI Bank cheques. This first card based annuity payment solution is being managed by ICICI Bank where the monthly annuity is loaded on the pre-paid card given to the annuity plan holder.

ICICI Pay Direct Card:

This is a zero-balance re-loadable pre paid card by ICICI Bank as an effective solution to payments to employees and associates and more. The card is acceptable at all VISA electron cards accepting merchant outlets with a daily usage limit of up to Rs. 25, 000. This card has a validity period of 3 years with the issue of a new card at the end of each term. The facilities available with ICICI Pay Direct Card are regular transaction alerts via SMS, balance enquiry and monthly statement via email, prompt blocking and replacement of lost card, 24 x 7 customer service assistance.

ICICI Easy Cash Pre-Paid Card:

This is a non-photo pre-paid card with magnetic stripe re-loadable in Rupees. No minimum balance is required for this card and daily usage limit of Rs. 25,000 has been set by the bank. It can be used for cash withdrawals and on-line POS transactions from any VISA ATM. Acceptable at all VISA electron cards accepting merchant establishments, no transaction fee is charged for purchases through the card. ICICI Easy Cash Pre-Paid Card is also a 3 years validity card with issuance of a new card at the end of the term. Balance enquiry, lost card blocking and replacement, 24 - hour customer care assistance and PIN request are the other facilities available along with the card.