AMP Sanmar Life Insurance Company Limited

AMP Sanmar Life Insurance is a joint venture between AMP Australia, a leading international financial services group, and Sanmar, the largest industrial group in South India. Their customer-centric focus has helped them in building long-term relationships with their clients. In recent times the company handed over a part of their operation to reliance with 90 branches, 9000 agents and 900 staffs working for them

The venture combines the Life Insurance expertise of AMP Australia and Sanmar group’s astute business acumen and understanding of the Indian market and has launched several well-designed and interesting Insurance products.

Amp is all about some great insurances with bundled benefits. They all have different features that you can look up to. The AMP Sanmar Product portfolio includes the following products:

Dhan Shree

A money back policy ideal for people who have a need for re-investments on a recurring basis. It provides for liquidity as well as life insurance protection.

Shubha Shree

This is a policy ideally suited for those who wish to provide for their present family needs as well as ensure financial security in their post-retirement years. It is a limited payment endowment assurance plan. The premium can be paid in yearly, half yearly or quarterly installments.

Nithya Shree

This policy enables individuals to avail of insurance benefits at a very low cost. It is a whole life plan and policy holders can either claim the sum assured along with the accrued bonus at the age of 85 or continue the policy till the age of 99 years. In the latter scenario, the sum assured along with accrued bonus is payable on attaining the age of 99 years or on death, whichever is earlier.

Raksha Shree

This policy provides full coverage on the death of a policy holder. It is a very low cost policy and provides no benefits during the life time of the policy holder.

Yuva Shree

The Yuva Shree policy helps parents to plan for the higher education of their children and provides for it during the parent’s retirement years. In this policy the sum assured is paid in four equal installments in the last four years of the policy. The accrued bonus accompanies the last installment. It also provides for rebates if the sum assured amount is high.

Bhagya Shree

This policy is a flexible pension plan. It is suitable for people who wish to provide for their post retirement years as well as enjoy benefits of the insurance coverage till retirement.

Group Term Assurance

This policy is chosen by employers to provide for term assurance coverage for their employees. This policy is a renewable yearly contract. The benefits are payable only on the death of the employee within the term. However if the employer declares an employee to be disabled, then an amount equivalent to death benefit is paid out in 5 equal installments.

The company is open for all and you can contact their head office too.AMP Sanmar is based out of Chennai. Their office address is AMP Sanmar Assurance Limited 9, Cathedral Road, and Chennai 600086. You can call them at 91-44-8118411 and Fax them at 91-44-8117669.