Kolkata Development Authority

Kolkata Development Authority takes the responsibility of planning and developing new areas within the city. The authority selects an area under its jurisdiction and plans for its development according to the need and feasibility. Then the task to develop the area according to the plan is assigned to builders or housing companies. If it is planned to develop the area for residential purposes, the agency like West Bengal Housing Board comes into the picture, which executes the housing schemes as per the guidelines set by the state government. There is another agency named Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, which looks after the basic infrastructure of the city's urban areas.

Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) came into being in 1970 under a Presidential Ordinance. It was assigned the arduous task of all round development of Kolkata Metropolitan Area through innovative thinking and meticulous city planning. The work domain of KMDA includes the creation of new areas and townships, development of physical infrastructure, provision of basic services like water, sanitation, health care etc and generation of employment opportunities for urban poor.

Infrastructure projects taken up by KMDA includes improvement in water supply, drainage & transportation system and housing development. Projects pertaining to the development of Kolkata real estate includes the construction of residential flats & apartments and commercial shops. KMDA has also executed some projects in joint venture with private real estate developers. Besides, It has worked on some specialized projects that are of common interest to the general populace of the city, such as Ganga Action plan, refugee colony development, gas distribution network etc.

With the prices of prime real estate properties in Kolkata going through the roof, residential houses provided by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority are the only option left before the average population of the city. Moreover, these houses are built according to the modern standard and provide pleasant experience to live in. The authority also pays attention towards the availability of basic amenities, such as drainage, water, recreational facilities and so on. Find more on Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authorities from the link provided here. Besides you can also know about other development and housing authorities in Kolkata on various pages of this site indiahousing.com.