Madurai Development Authority

Madurai is slowly growing up as one of the most sought after cities in India for residence. The city has made rapid growth towards development due to the outstanding service provided by the Madurai housing authority. The authority was set up with sole goal to elevate the status of the city to global high standards. As it didn’t have any previous experience in this field, they took inspiration from the neighboring Tamil Nadu Housing Board. All the construction in the city is looked after by the local housing authority and are ably assisted by the local builders and housing companies. The development of the city has not only been confined to a small region but has extended to far-away places. The mode of communications between these places must be smooth enough to maintain continuous connectivity. Thus, besides housing projects, the authority also looks after the needs of basic infrastructure in the remote places. They’ve opened a number of branches in various places across the city so that work is done effectively and diligently within time to bring smiles to the local people.

The most recent housing projects in Madurai are providing huge impetus to the real estate development of the city. At first, the plan is submitted to the Madurai Corporation who verifies the plan and site. It’s only after their approval, that a person or company can go ahead with the project. The detailed plan and specification are clearly highlighted in a duplicate copy that is to be handed over to them. The various zonal offices of the housing board or corporation offices are the ones who agree or reject the plans. Depending on the affordability of the individual, one can easily be the owner of small, medium or plush housing projects. Buying a land and then starting a construction on your own will be very costly in the city now as the rates have increased due to huge demands shown by the local residents. Thus, the wisest thing to do is to wait for the projects started by the Madurai housing authority and book a home as per your choice. These projects offer you the cheapest rates for a world class living.

One of the most famous projects that are undertaken in recent times in Madurai is the Pearls Gateway at Madurai. This project is under the joint undertaking of the Madurai housing authority and Pearls Infrastructure Projects Ltd. The site has been given around 200 acres of land for this project which lies near the proposed International Airport. The government of Tamil Nadu intends to establish an Aviation University at Madurai, which is going to be the only one of its kind in South-east Asia thus glorifying the prospects of this township. This project is situated on the NH-7 to smooth communications with other places.

Of the various Madurai housing authorities, one of the most famous is the Vgp Housing P Ltd, Meenakshi Kovil Street. This authority is noted for providing house loans at cheap rates which has helped people to own a house in the city. The interest rate to be paid is extremely low, thus paying the EMI is not a problem.