Mysore Development Authority

Mysore Housing authority has been involved in providing co-operative base housing options in different parts of Mysore city. The housing authority is taking necessary initiatives to develop the city in the best possible way. MHA has ventured effectively in planning and development of different infrastructures. The main reason behind it is to provide assistance in property management. The process is taken care of by gaining & outlook of different plots for residential, industrial, organizational, and commercial purpose.

Earlier, a lot of inhabitants used to live in thatched huts. However, the gram panchyat has never taken any initiative to improve the slum and rural village regions. Rather, what they did? They used to present reports indicating non-presence of thatched hut in such regions. As a result, these poor people were deprived of several housing scheme advantages. However, things have changed a lot in the past few years or so.

With Mysore Housing Authority taking initiative to provide a better living option for the under-privileged and backward class of society, things will improve a lot. MHA has come up with different housing schemes for these underprivileged people.

These schemes are meant for the backward class and houseless people who enjoy annual profit less than 11,000/- INR. Every inhabitant will be provided with a proper shelter along with necessary fundamental facilities. A lot of new projects are starting under Mysore Housing Scheme. The main purpose of these projects is to offer reasonable abodes with proper and well-organized facilities to backward & underprivileged classes. MHA also have ventured plot allocation to several co-operative group housing societies, government department, and Mysore welfare housing organizations for construction of abode and flats under MHS (Mysore housing scheme) standards.

MHA has formed several layouts & distributed around 35,000 sites as well 10,000 houses ever since it was launched. The year was 1988 when Mysore Urban Development Authority came into existence. Housing Authority is a part of this authority. The authority has handed most of the developed layouts to MCC (Mysore City Corporation) to take over.

In South Asia, the Vijayanagara Layout (I, II, III & IV) formed by MHA, is considered to be the largest layout. It features 25000 sites with a total area of approximately 2000 acres.

New Project 1: Vasantha Nagara Layout

For the allotment of sites having different dimensions in Vasatha Nagara, applications have been received from general public. Vasantha Nagara extension is just 3 km from the Siddhartha Layout. It is located close to Vidya Vikash engineering college. Mysore-Bannur road runs northwards while the Mysore-T. Narisapur road runs southwards. This particular extension covers a total area of around 139 acres & 5 guntas. Allotment letters were dispatched ever since the sites got distributed properly.

New Project 2: Asha Mandira Scheme

The leading main behind introduction of this project scheme was Sri. D. Madegowda (former chairman 1987-88, CITB). CITB stands for City Improvement Trust Board. The main purpose behind such a project scheme was to provide safe and good shelter to weaker and underprivileged community of the society. Under the Asha Mandira scheme, near about 15,000 model houses and sites were distributed at minimal price range. Also, easy installment facilities were offered to the takers. In fact, this is the project that started it all. It became a role model for every project that started occurring at a later stage.

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Phone: 2418800, Toll Free: 1913