SBI Bank Savings Account

The State Bank of India is one of the chosen and leading banks of India. There is a certain transparency and authenticity of its operations along with extensive coverage which has earned it as one of the most trusted financial institutions of the country. The bank has a variety of accounts and financial services that is provided to its customers for their professional and personal requirements of savings and investments. This is also one of the largest loan giving organizations of the country for a variety of professional, personal and business purposes. A sincere and systematic work force coupled with computerized and high performance technical backup has only added to its popularity among the mass of bankers in the country.

Here is a look at some of the different types of accounts that you can operate at the State Bank of India.

  • Savings Bank Account

  • Current Account

  • PPF Account

  • Senior Citizen Account

  • Salary Account

  • Retirement Savings Account

  • 3 in 1 Account for Online Trading Account

  • Business Account

  • NRI Accounts like NRE, NRO and FCNR

  • Nostro and Forex Accounts for International Banking

SBI Savings Account

This is the first step t garaging your additional cash in the safe custody of the bank. There is a consistent accessibility to the cash that allows you to use the same and withdraw at any given time of need. Additionally there is a standard interest of 4% that is paid annually against your savings accounts. You will have the convenience of the cheque book and an ATM card cum debit card also. This gives you a greater and anytime access to your cash.

SBI Current Account

This is in close resemblance with the savings bank account except for the fact that this is a facility available for your business or company. There is a ATM card that is available along with a specially made 25 leaves cheque book for use in these cases. You will also have an easy access of operation through any branch of the bank with its core banking system.

No Frills Account from SBI

There are a variety of customers that come to open accounts with SBI. And among them there are those who cannot maintain minimum balance which is one of the basic requirements of the bank. There is also a low service charge that is attached to these accounts.

SBI Salary Account

This is an age when salaries are often transferred through netbanking. Thus for those who have their salary accounts with SBI there is an instant credit of salaries that is complemented with SMS alerts on mobile phones and emails that are sent in an automated process.

NRI Accounts from SBI

This is one of the best options from the bank for all those who are settled abroad and still to bank with one of their own. There are specially created savings accounts and investment options for all such people. These are NRE rupee account, NRO A/Cs, FCNR, savings and business accounts as well as term deposits of different kinds that are offered as some of the many options of banking.

There are international banking solutions too that are offered by SBI. These are available for both NRI customers and Indian customers alike. Services include Nostro accounts and SBI Forex trading accounts among several other banking solutions.

Corporate Banking

There are several types of commercial banking services that are provided at SBI thus allowing companies to carry out a variety of their banking work here. There are various specific customized banking services too that are provided to these clients as per their needs.

Online Trading Accounts from SBI

There is a very frequent and extensive online trading that is increasingly becoming popular amongst account holders and users of netbanking services. SBI has thus formulated 3 in 1 special accounts that have made it easier for their clients to carry out such trading through these accounts.

SBI Internet Banking

There are account holders who are extremely net savvy and prefer to use this medium for all their banking needs. There is also a quick and safe account and banking services that is offered from SBI. You will have several options of bill payments and funds transfer or payment related convenience.

Demat Account from SBI

This is a specific service that has made it easier for customers to access their share and stick trading transactions. This is useful in case of transactions for equity funds, mutual funds and other related products.

SBI PPF Account

This is a special service that is extended from the bank for all its customers. The only other place where you can make this type of an account is the Post Office. However the same service is available from SBI with special permission owing to its all India presence and the confidence that it enjoys among the people. At SBI your PPF deposits will enjoy the same rate of interest and the tax savings that is allowed to it.

SBI Government Accounts

SBI is directly under the operations of the Reserve Bank of India. There are various types of internal operations between banks and the central authority that is enabled by the operations of SBI. This also makes it possible for SBI to handle transactions and accounts of SEBI undertakings and other government companies.

SBI Business Current Account

There are different kinds of daily business needs for encashment of outstation cheques and other transactions. These are available through SBI business accounts where care is taken to ensure the fast processing and deliverance of services.

Account Opening with SBI

There are different processes involved when you are trying to open an account with SBI. This will depend on the nature of the account that you are about to open. You can visit the nearest branch for all information and related forms and list of documents which you have to supply. If you are net savvy then log into the official bank site as and you will be able to access online application forms and all details about the accounts.