SBI Bank ATM Card Facilities

There are several modern innovations of banking that have catered to all aspects of transactions and urgent need for money. This is an age when technology and innovations have brought about easy access of your own cash whenever and wherever you may need it.

One of the most innovative features of modern banking is the availability of anytime and anywhere money that you need. There are various emergency situations when urgent monetary requirements are common. This has now become easier with modern banks establishing their ATM or Any Time Money machines almost in every neighborhood and region.

The popularity of all the present banks in India is considerably gauged by the frequent presence of their ATM machine availability. And among them the State Bank of India is a frontrunner. SBI has one of the largest networks of ATM machines that are located not only in every neighborhood of cities and towns in the country. These are also found even in the remote and interior villages of the country. It has ushered the concepts of modern banking among all segments of the population even to those who are usually inhabited far away from cities. It has played a key role to introducing modern technology to the people of the country and made life easier for them.

The ATM service available from SBI can be accessed and availed by an account holder of the bank. They can be the user of a savings account, a current account, pension account and NRI account. The account holder will get an AM card from the bank along with other items at the time of account opening. There is a 4 digit pin number (Personal Identification Number) that will also be mailed to you from the bank. This is a highly classified information that you will maintain secretly and not allow others to know. For security reasons you can also change your pin periodically. Every time you access your account with the ATM card this is the number that will work like your password. Thus its security is vital. You will be mailed this number separately in a secured manner from the bank for the first time after opening your account. In case of loss of the same you must inform the bank immediately so that you are allotted an alternative number from the bank at the earliest.

ATM Card from SBI

This is one of the superfast innovations of banking. Now you can access your account for withdrawing money in less than 60 seconds with the SBI ATM card .

There is a new facility added that allows you to access the ATM of all banks with your card of a specific bank. That means in a time of emergency all you need is an ATM and not just SBI ATMs. At SBI ATM you will need to make a transaction of a minimum denomination of Rs.100/. There are other facilities wherein you can access a statement of account details and the balance of your account that is available.

Another important facility is the ATM card that is given to you. This also doubles up to be a Debit card. With this you can swipe the card for making payments at retail stores and shops of different kinds. The difference that a Debit card has is that it uses the balance available in your account for the transactions. There are no additional charges or taxes levied in this case as this is your money in your bank account that is used for a transaction.

And there are other important facilities of the ATM and the ATM card that is available to make your work easier. You can now use your ATM to make bill payments like your SBI Credit card payments. Also possible will be the premium payments for SBI life insurance policy schemes.

SBI ATM Service

There is a frequent availability of SBI ATM counters all over the country. You will find an ATM with every branch of the bank that is available in every city, town or village in the country. There are free standing ATMs available too which are stationed even in remote areas of the country to enable easy and anytime access for the people and travelers of the region.

SBI ATM / Debit Card Helpline Number

There is also a 24 hour helpline service of SBI ATM card that is available. With this number you can directly access the customer care centers of your city town, village or any other region. All information about the use of cards and any particular difficulty that you may be facing will be available here. You can also enquire for the location of ATM counters in your region as well as the information about newer ones that have come up. You can also use this number to locate the nearest ATM counter from your home.

In case you have lost or misplaced your ATM card you will have to lodge a report with your nearest police station. At the same time you must ensure that you call the customer care number and inform the same and register a formal report as well. This will ensure that there is no unauthorized and illegal access of your account with the same card by anyone else. You will be allotted a new card and a new ATM Pin number from the bank on a separate application that you will have to make after this. There are facilities for you to log in through the website and apply online for an ATM card. Please read the terms and conditions well before doing so.

There is also a list of certain service charges that are levied on your ATM card. Additional charges are also applicable in case of the transactions that you make with the ATM cum Debit card. These are all mentioned in the ATM rules book.

When you log in to the official website link of SBI you will find the ATM locator on its Home Page. This is a complete menu of all the ATM counters that are available along with the address and location details. There are approximately 7200 ATM counters and this is a number that is increased every year. There are ATM counters in every neighborhood of cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida and Navi Mumbai.

Here is the SBI 24 hour helpline service number that you can call from anywhere in the country.

1800 – 11 – 2211

080 – 26599990

  • SBI ATM in Noida

    Fci Sector 2, Sector-2 Noida, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

    J-53 Sector 18, Noida,

    ZS Arcade Atta Market, Sector 18, Noida

    Savitri Market, Sector 18, Noida

    Kailash, Greater Noida, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • SBI ATM in Indirapuram

    Kamla Nehru Ngr,Mohan Ngr, Ghaziabad

    Alt Centre, Ghaziabad

    Sbi Atm Response Codes

    Error Code: 1 : Time-out

    Error Code: 3 : Bcd Noanswer

    Error Code: 4 : Error In Modem Data

    Error Code: 11 : No connect