State Bank of India Branch Locations

The Indian Union is a vast country with several cities, towns, villages and remote areas of habitation. And there is every effort that has been made by State Bank of India over the past few decades to enhance its accessibility to a wide range of bank account holders and newer customers. There is a new branch that has been added on the basis of areas and other divisions of states and Union Territories in the country.

Over the past few years this ratio of branches has even gone further. There is State Bank of India branches opened in almost every neighborhood of cities and towns. There are newer branches opened in suburbs and even remote areas and distant places of the country as well. it has made State Bank of India one of the largest among nationalized banks of the country. It has also brought to people in remote areas of Kerala or even the North East India or even northern regions like Ladakh to even places like the Sunderbans in West Bengal quality and safe banking services. There is a wide range of banking services that is provided at these branches whereby you can access various investment plans and financial loans for personal and professional reasons. There are ATM services that are also available with the branches. That makes them extremely convenient especially in rural areas. You can access these machines for emergency cash withdrawals when the branch is closed at odd hours.

One of the main advantages of the SBI branch availability is its Core Banking facility. This is a feature that allows you to access your account through any branch whatsoever. Regardless of your branch being different from the one where you are at any point of time you can access your account with complete freedom and ease of operations. The branches also bring to you various other facilities like investment and deposit options to safety deposit lockers and savings accounts of different kinds. There are government policies like PPF or the People’s Provident Fund account too that you can open at SBI other than your local post office. This is the only other place that has the authority to open such an account with them.

Moreover State Bank of India also has specific region oriented facilities to offer in some of their branches too. For instance in places of agricultural cultivation and farming there are various types of government approved schemes for loans and financial aids to the farmers and cultivators that are offered. In other places that have a strong presence of a particular or even a variety of industries and factories you will have related services from the bank as far as loans and account opening schemes are concerned. Then there are places like urban regions and cities where corporate head offices and company operations are usually located. Here State Bank of India has to offer corporate or business accounts. These can provide convenient banking options and financial dealings for them. There are particular SBI branches that carry out special packages and offers for NRI clients too. This is a safe way to send their money home and even invest the same in the form of term deposits and other schemes.

Here is a closer look at the various services that branches offer their customers and patrons.

  • Agriculture

  • Business

  • Corporate banking

  • NRI banking

  • Personal banking services

  • Rehabilitation

  • Recovery branch

  • Small scale industries

These are some of the aspects of banking that are looked in with greater detail among several others by the several branches that the State Bank of India has. These branches are located in every city, town, and village and inaccessible or even remote areas within India. There is a main or a head branch that is present in every region. You will have to specifically contact this branch for a particular type of service. The rest of the services are all available in your neighborhood branch of SBI.

There is a very easy process of looking for a SBI branch in the country. Just log in to the bank’s official website and you will see the State Bank of India ( SBI ) branch locator. Just click on the place in the drop down menu that is featured and click. There is a complete list of all the branches that are available. In the same menu you will also be able to refine your search of the location and address details of the office on the basis of your requirements. There is a list of products and services menu coupled with the kind of branch that you need to search for in a specific search. It has been made to generate quick and apt results for those who are looking for the right place to approach.

There are SBI branch codes along with Swift and IFSC codes that have been allocated to them in different places and regions. This too will enable you to a better and quicker access to the branch that will be able to provide the right kind of services. To know the branch code of your SBI ask your bank’s enquiry helpdesk or even call the toll free number. You can also find out the same from the bank’s official website

There are multiple branches across the countries and in cities like Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Guwahati and Lucknow to name just a few. The State Bank of India is also one of those banks that have been able to reach the shores of international territory. There are as many as 131 offices and branches that are available across 32 countries. Their establishment has been aimed at conducting personal and retail banking services. These allow foreigners as well as those of Indian origin to feel safe in putting their money in one of the leading banks of their country. And you can avail the details of their address and locations along with services from the same official website of the State bank of India. It is

Branch Code: 813
IFSC Code: SBIN0000813
P. B. No. 5310, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 001
Phone:080- 2594 3300


Branch Code: 300
IFSC Code: SBIN0000300
Horniman Circle, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 023
Phone:022 - 2266 1765


Branch Code: 847
IFSC Code: SBIN0000847
SBI Buildings, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 095
Phone:040 - 2475 6848


Branch Code: 800
IFSC Code: SBIN0000800
22, Raja Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 001
Phone:044 - 2522 7371


Branch Code: 691
IFSC Code: SBIN0000691
SBI Main Branch, New Delhi - 110 001
Phone:011 - 2337 4050


Branch Code: 1
IFSC Code: SBIN0000001
1, Strand Road, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 001
Phone:033 - 2248 2827


Branch Code: 454
IFSC Code: SBIN0000454
P.O. No. 6, Pune, Maharashtra - 411 001
Phone:020 - 2613 4824

SBI Overseas Branches:


19 South La Salle Street,
Chicago, Illinois - 60603-1467, USA
Phone:(00-1) - 312 621 0007

New York

460 Park Avenue,
New York - 10022, USA
Phone(001) - 212 521 3201