SBI Contra Mutual Fund

SBI Contra Mutual Fund is one of the funds under the Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella. The fund is aimed at providing maximum capital growth opportunities to the investors through equity investments in stocks of upcoming sectors of the economy. There are five sub-funds of SBI Contra Fund each dedicated to a customized investments theme. These include:

  • IT (Information Technology)

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC)

  • Contrarian (investments in out of favor stocks)

  • Emerging Businesses

The asset allocation in SBI Contra Mutual Fund includes 90 - 100% investments in equity stocks that are high on risk profile and 0 - 10% in money markets that are relatively low risk profile. Investors are free to choose one or more of the specified themes mentioned above to invest in. besides this, a free switchover from one sector to another is also provided which is a facility not available for NRIs.

Under the contra, pharmaceuticals and emerging businesses funds SBIMF also provides growth and dividend options. Launched on 14th July 1999, SBI Contra Mutual Fund involves a minimum investment of Rs. 2000 per sector. For further details on the Entry Load or Exit Load per fund, SIP and SWP provided, and the Contra Fund NAV Growth or Contra Fund NAV Dividend for the current and previous years, refer to their official website mentioned below. For information on other SBI Mutual Funds and other banking products and services of State Bank of India , browse through our subsequent pages on each.