SBI Credit Card Reward Points

The SBI card services has been striving its best to establish good relation with its card holders through the introduction of reward points. The objective is to make it more rewarding for the customers who hold a SBI card. This is a reward program coined as ‘Shop & Smile’ program that has been exclusively designed to keeping in tune with the lifestyle and taste and preference of the customers.

The customers are given the opportunity to accumulate as many reward points they can on their purchase. For instance, for a purchase of say Rs. 125, point 1 is accumulated. Therefore the SBI card offers this scope for card holders to collect as many points they can. Later, they can redeem those points that they have raked on the total SBI credit card against a string of products which range from lifestyle products, gift vouchers or gifts or electrical appliances or may be accessories. Therefore the products range in variety and you can choose the one that you feel the best way to redeem your points through. However, you have to see that you company is offering you a range of products.

Now if you look to the SBI Triple Advantage Reward Program, then you will find that this advantage is available for certain special types of cards like SBI Card for Doctors, SBI International card, SBI Gold Card and so on. Nevertheless, you have to remember that the card is not at all applicable for any kind of SBI domestic cards. You should collect the related information before seeking for the advantage of reward points. The points are the best as far as collecting rewards are concerned.

The services through SBI Platinum cards

The platinum card brings with it many services and offers that you can use to spellbound your partner or the special people in life. There is a host of many services that come along with the platinum card. With the accumulated points on these cards, the card holders get to simplify their life for the better. Now you have to remember that it is optional for you whether you want to participate in the offer of SBI rewarding point program. This is a part of fetching for you or your closed ones some special gifts. Now you may terminate the service at any point you want. What you have to do is intimate the same over phone or through written application to the SBI bank.

As far as platinum credit card services are concerned, they are umpteen in numbers. You can surprise that dearest person in life with a bouquet of flowers or a special call dor dinner in his or her favourite restaurant. Besides, find yourself the best airline ticket, provided you make that demarcated purchase as per the platinum card obligations speak. Besides, you can also buy yourself some movie tickets or a car rental in the most cherished limousine.

The process of redeeming for the credit card reward points accumulated on SBI card?

Sometimes, it is considered that the reward points are strictly for the gullible. For about 100 rupees spent, you get to save yourself one point. The point is not worth expenditure. But every coin has its other side and the credit card matter has its advantages too.

Remember if you are a loyal payer through usage of SBI card almost everyday in life, then there is the chance of getting some bonus with the accumulation of all these points. You get to cherish and soak into some real wonderful gifts that will be offered at day’s end. Then, you can say that the money spent is worth the rewards that you get to enjoy for the points collected. Though some may regard the whole thing in the context of a fool’s fancy, but the persuading gifts are worth the effort taken.

If you want to know how to redeem for those points, then you have to go to the SBI website. Here you get the images of the array of products that are being offered at the various stages of points. You select the gift that is worth the points collected. Then, collect the entire points equivalent to the number of gifts and also the balance points that remain. Send the whole information through postage so as to get the gift at the end of the day.

However, you have to remember that while you are redeeming the points, the bank has certain rules that you have to abide by. You will not be allowed to combine all the points that you have collected by using the various different SBI credit cards. See to it that the points collected are through one particular credit card and the gift that you claim is offered on those redeemed points on that particular SB credit card. When making the transaction for the reward points, it excludes cash advance, balance transfers, any additional charges, disputed kind of transactions and so on.

If you want you can refer to the help line of SBI bank which is open 24x7. Do refer to the website of the SBI so as to understand the details of the rules and regulations that will help you through every step. Remember, a wrong step taken will not help you redeem the points collected on the credit card. The whole thing has certain step by step process to it which you must learn.

The SBI credit card rewarding points are undoubtedly the best. But you should check whether the whole thing is worth the money spent. Besides, there is a stipulated time within which you have to make the purchase. It is best to avail the advantages of the points when you think that you can make a sea of purchase for any occasion. In that case if you find that the SBI bank is offering any credit card rewards, then go for it. At the end, you will benefit with an overwhelming points and a baggage of gifts for yourself. However, from the perspective of the bank, the idea is to establish good relation with customers.

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