SBI Bank Gold Card

The State Bank of India, as their motion says that they are banker to every Indian and they truly are. They are the ones that boast maximum number of account holders amongst all the banks that operate in India. Their Cards bring up to another great segment customized in name of SBI Cards – State Bank of India Gold Cards that includes the State Bank of India Gold International Debit Card and State Bank of India Gold Credit Card. The features and benefits of each of these mentioned cards are pre-defined by the bank keeping considering the requirements that are different for different customer. What’s more?  You get the opportunity to get special points that re awarded as reward points. This reward point is awarded when you use your card for a transaction. Every transaction is rewarded with a specific transaction point and in this way State Bank of India not only patronizes the client but also helps in increasing sale. This is also a very clever way of making the customer purchase through the credit card that they have and thus it also brings revenue to the bank in form of interest. There are many payment channels that are available to the customers at the State Bank of India. The payment channels ranges from direct payments that can be made at the counter to payments that can be made through Cheques. In case of payment made by cheques you don’t have to wait in a queue waiting for your turn to deposit. There are drop boxes that are available in the ATM counters and you can drop of your cheque over there and be assured that they will do in the right place. Don’t forget to write your account number and phone number (better it be your mobile number) behind your cheque. The phone number is given there just ion case the bank face any problem with the cheque or it gets misplaced.

The SBI Gold Card

The State bank of India gold credit card gives you a twenty four hours access that is completely secured, to your savings or current account and to the credit card transactions online through the ATMs. They also provide for generation of electronic statements that you can keep for your records. The e statement is for providing you with details of all your transactions that you have made through the credit card. This definitely saves your time as you don’t have to stand in the queue to try and update your bank pass book. There is also a customer help line that is open for twenty four hours seven days a week ready to provide answers to all of your queries that are related to your owned SBI Credit Cards , and the service charges that are levied by the State Bank of India and varied other details. The State Bank of India Gold Credit Card is very much eligible for the special SBI Reward Point System that lets you earn reward points for each transaction that you made. Each reward point is awarded for every Rs. 125 that you spend in marketing through your SBI gold card. The SBI Gold card has got various features one of them being the acceptance of the card globally. There are more than one lac ten thousand VISA outlets in the entire country that accept SBI Gold Credit card. Another feature of the SBI Gold Credit card is the withdrawal of cash at two per cent rate of interest.

There are also other features like zero – card loss liability, fuel surcharge, personal accident insurance for free, insurance of electronic goods against theft, insurance on consumer durables that are of high – budget, travel insurance, credit shield, Discounts and several other benefits. The SBI Gold Card also offers an individual great flexibility pertaining to payments. Then there is also the extended option for credit. A person who has the SBI Gold card can plan for the payments that are outstanding in a way that is suitable for him or her. The person can make any payment from the minimum amount which is due to the overall amount which is outstanding and stands to be due as shown in the Monthly Statement. The individual can carry forward the balance that is unpaid. This action can be done at the lowest finance charges that are available. Also if you are an SBI Gold Card holder then you have the liberty of withdrawing cash from more than one million VISA or Master Card ATMs that are there all over the country. These consist of the outlets all around the globe and also include the eighteen thousand ATMs that are there in India. It does not end here the car holder also gets access to more than ten thousand SBI ATMs all across the hundred plus cities of the country of India.

Facility of railway booking with the SBI Gold Card

An individual can also book railway tickets with the help of this card. The tickets can be booked over the internet and the booked tickets get delivered at the respective homes. It is indeed a great experience of booking tickets as one does not have to stand in the line for hours in order to get a ticket. All a person has to do is follow the simple steps that are mentioned below and on following them properly he or she can easily get the railway ticket at their doorsteps. The first step is that one has to register on the web site of This registration is completely free of cost. Secondly the person has to log in with his or her own password and username on the web site of The third step is that the person will have to book the ticket in accordance to the instructions that are mentioned in the website. After that one has to make payment for the tickets. This can be done through your SBI Card on the website. Thus it can be said that there are various advantages of having a SBI Gold Card and hence one should definitely have one.