SBI Mutual Fund Online

SBI Mutual Fund is the largest bank sponsored mutual fund in India and has the enviable track record in judicious investments and consistent wealth creation. The fund touches its lineage to State Bank of India, which is considered as the nation’s largest banking enterprise. Your favourite bank which is more than one enterprise and institution has developed vastly since its inception and today it is regarded as the largest bank of India, supported by over 80% of the top corporate houses of the nation.

SBI Mutual Fund is a joint project between the State Bank of India and Societe Generale Asset Management (SGAM), which is one of the leading fund management companies of the world that has the expertise of managing asset which is more than US$ 500 Billion worldwide.

SBI Mutual Fund

The fund has launched about 38 schemes in 20 years of operations and has successfully redeemed 15 of them. The best part is that in this process it has rewarded the investors substantially with steady returns. Altogether, more than 5.8 million investors have rested their trust in the wealth generation expertise of the Mutual Fund. Schemes of the SBI Mutual Fund have consistently outperformed benchmark indices and have emerged as the preferred investment for millions of investors and HNI’s. At the moment, the fund manages more than INR 42,100 crores of assets and is powered by diverse profile of investors who are actively placing their investments across 38 active schemes. The fund serves the vast network of investors whom the bank considers as family members and thus it reaches out to them through network of over 130 points of acceptance, 29 investor service centers, 59 investor service desks and 6 Investor Service Points.

SBI Mutual Fund – Online

SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd., which is a joint venture of SBI and SGAM is regarded as the first fund house that has introduced new payment option for investment by offering online investment in SBI Mutual Fund schemes. This can be done through ATM cum Debit Cards of State Bank of India.

This all new payment facility is available through SBI Mutual Fund website mentioned below:

This facility is available for all SBI Mutual Fund’s equity and majority of the debt schemes. The investors are welcomed to invest amounts subject to a top limit, as occasionally decided by the State Bank of India. At this time, SBI Mutual Fund gives investors the online purchase facility through its website. This online purchase facility permits the investors to make their payments for the investments using the option of internet banking.

At present, there are arrangements with 12 banks so that the investors can make payments for investments through SBI Mutual Fund online platform. As soon as the investor fills in his investment details on the online platform of SBI Mutual Fund, the investor is provided with the access to the internet banking payment entryways of any of the 12 banks for effectual payment.

There are approximately 5 crore ATM cum Debit Cards that have been issued by the State Bank of India as on February 28, 2010. Currently, only the investors who use internet banking option are allowed to invest online in the SBI Mutual Fund schemes. So, with the introduction of new facility, more than 5 crores SBI ATM cum Debit Card holders would be technically permitted to invest in the SBI Mutual Fund online.

The official website of SBI Mutual Fund permits a simple way to invest to all existing as well as new investors. Those investors who are interested, can register for a SBI Mutual Fund user ID and password through its official website – and make all the procurements through the online investment section.

Basic Requirement to get access for online investment

It is to be noted here that the first time investors what we call the fresh investors need to fill and send a one-time credentials consisting of their attested photocopy of the PAN card, KYC acknowledgement and copy of signed application form. Successive investments can be done in a paperless way, with payment which is allowed through a huge range of the bank’s internet banking options. The most recent feature that adds to the benefit of the investors who have bank account with the State Bank of India, is the ability to invest through SBI ATM cum Debit Card.


Through online access of all the investment transactions, the investors get the benefit of easy mode of payment and they can do this at any time of the day. Earlier, the job consumed too much time. With the online facilities, they can make the payment easily within minutes. The investors are allowed to get an investment statement that can be downloaded from the website mentioned above in a PDF format. If you visit the website, you will get to know about all the terms & conditions and the steps that are required to follow to get the easy access of the internet banking and investment portal. You can view all the statements about your current and previous transactions. So, through online services the work has become for transparent and easy. You can also get to know other information about tax and investment from the website. So, people who are interested to invest in SBI Mutual Fund today are more willing to go online than other options.

You can even contact the fund managers online and get valuable tips and full information about the investment portfolio that is best suitable. You can also get a clear concept about the risks involved in investing in SBI Mutual Fund.

Few Guidelines

  • Investors must have net banking login ID and password with the Bank of India, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, United Bank of India, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Patiala in order to do investment online.

  • You can fill the online investment application form by selecting the scheme you want to invest in, bank details and then click on the SAVE button. The following page will display the entire application form and if you want to make any amendments, you have to press the MODIFY button and make the changes or else click on the PAYMENT CONFIRMATION to move ahead.

  • You have to check all the banking details from the PAYMENT GATEWAY page.

  • Then login to respective banking site by using your net banking username and password. After checking the payment details you have to click on the SUBMIT button.

At present the SBI is offering the following schemes online for investment:

  • Magnum Equity Fund

  • Magnum Global Fund

  • Magnum Taxgain Scheme 1993

  • Magnum COMMA Fund

  • Magnum Midcap Fund

  • SBI Bluechip Fund

  • SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund

  • Magnum Index Fund

  • Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella – FMCG Fund

  • IT Fund

  • Magnum Multiplier Plus Scheme

  • SBI Dynamic Bond Fund

  • Magnum Income Plus Fund

  • Magnum Short Horizon Debt Fund

  • Magnum Balanced Fund

  • Contra Fund

  • Pharma Fund

  • Emerging Business Fund

  • Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund

  • Magnum Gilt Fund