SBI One India Fund

SBI One India Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through investments in equity stocks in debt and money market instruments in India. The allocation of assets under SBI One India Mutual Fund decides the risks involved.

Also termed as SBI One India Fund NAV, the risk profile shifts from high to medium to low with investments in equity and equity related instruments and derivatives; ADR, GDR or Foreign Securities and Fixed or Floating Debt instruments and Money market instruments.

SBI One India Plan is a close-ended fund with growth tenure of 3 years. The maturity date for the fund is 15th January 2010. The minimum investment allowed is of Rs. 5,000 and further in multiples of Re. 1.

The disclosure of NAV and repurchase NAV is done on daily basis. Tax benefits from the schemes include tax-free dividends and long-term capital gains. 10% taxes and applicable surcharge is levied on short-term capital gains. On maturity, SBI One India Fund is automatically converted into open-ended scheme. All equity plans are benchmarked on BSE 200 Index.

For latest SBI One India Mutual Fund NAV and online contact with the SBI fund manager or getting compete information regarding the terms and conditions of State Bank of India Mutual Fund (SBIMF), refer to their official website mentioned below.

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