SBI Bank Online Trading

Online trading is selling and buying of products and services via computer. The major advantage offered by this mode of trading is one can easily expand his business without spending much. Now you need a safe and secure trading portal so that everything goes fine for you. This is why you require SBI bank online trading service which is provided by eZ-trade@sbi in partnership with Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. The eZ-SBI is a contemporary e-trading platform which helps an individual with online investments and trading without paperwork. This platform is presently in use for the both residents of India and NRIs. They can invest in Equity, Derivatives and Mutual Funds via this portal. The products and services are vigorous enough to provide an individual with the peace of mind while carrying on the online business.

To make online trading easier for you, SBI has come up with a brilliant 3-1 account comprising of savings, demat and online trading accounts. To attract new users of this online trading platform, SBI is providing opening of account for free. If you’re a novice about stock markets and the entire process of online trading, you need not worry for SBI has recruited highly trained and skilled personnel who can guide you about the rise and fall of market, operating the account and any other such aids you need to run your business well.

Accessing the online trading facility of SBI is just too easy. You just need an online trading account with the bank and then visit the page via You can instantly use the entire set of key various features and benefits involved. They’re easy trading with flawless transaction of money between the Trading, Demat and Savings accounts. Having a savings bank account with SBI is indeed a great advantage, as it’s one of the most trusted banks in India. Transfer of share and funds on the go is quite possible. You get round the clock detailed updates about the market including the vital news like the Market Depth, most dynamic script and the biggest gainers and losers of the day.SBI bank online trading service also helps you to keep proper track of your account as you can analyze your margin status, holding report, trade book whenever you want. If you’re confused about a certain business policy of yours, you can easily seek for the advice from the experts in the market hired by SBI. The portal can be accessed from anywhere and quickly. The site is highly secured using the 128-bit encryption based SSL which is the highest grade of security for the online stocks and sells. The service staff or the helpdesk is there for your convenience round the clock. The After Market Order (AMO) facilities make online trading through SBI all the more profitable.