SBI Bank Online Banking

The State Bank of India is one of the largest banks of India that has the largest networks of branches within the country as well as in overseas destinations. With a network of as many as 11000 retail and commercial branches it is ranked as one of the most popular financial organizations of the country. It has successfully carved out a niche for itself both within the urban and the rural sector. There is an array of options in financial investments and banking products that has made public savings more secure and well managed.

The SBI Group is also a consistent partner when it comes to corporate banking and providing financial services to the business and industrial sector of India. This is one of the leading nationalized banks of the country that was also the foremost in bracing newer technology within the folds of its operations. One such medium is that of SBI Online. This is a service that provides the net savvy clients an easy banking access with their desktop and laptop personal computers and internet access enabled Smartphone technology too. The main features of this facility are ‘Anytime and Anywhere Banking’ for SBI customers brought to you by Core Banking Solutions. There is an easy availability of these services for both retail bankers and corporate bankers alike.

There is a specially designed SBI Online facility also available for NRI customers of the bank. Through these conveniences you can easily download banking formats and forms for which you will no longer need to travel to the nearest branch as well. These are all available through the official website of the bank. You can also apply for a variety of loan products through online resources available through the website. These are products like student’s loans, personal loans and home loans among several others. There are technological innovations that have been designed especially for SBI Online users like that of VeriSign. This is a globally accepted and certified security system to maintain online banking safety.

SBI Online Banking

There is a wide range of facilities that are offered by SBI Online. Here is a closer look at some of the products and facilities offered for the corporate and personal bankers of SBI.

SBI Online Account

If you are looking ahead to opening an account with SBI you don’t need to wait to arrive at the branch anymore. You can apply for an online account opening facility that is available. And this is offered to new customers and also to old ones.
The following are the types of account opening options that you shall have with SBI.

  • Savings Account

  • Current Account

  • Term Deposit Accounts

  • Recurring Account

  • People’s Provident Fund Account

If you log onto the official website link there is a complete guideline and instructions that is provided regarding each one of these. Starting from the opening formalities to the returns and the facilities that you will enjoy are all specified in clear details. You can open your accounts online and then manage them thereafter through online facilities. You can download a statement in any given format at a time of need or even view the details of balance and transactions through your account details.

There is also a security management facility for your account available. There is a user id and a password that will be managed by you for all times.

Trading with SBI Online

There is an online trading facility available with SBI – eZtrade@sbi. This is a three way facility that combines a savings bank account coupled with a demat account and an online account for trading transactions. In the last category there is an available enlistment of available stocks from different companies that are listed at the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National Stock Exchange).

The eZtrade@sbi is a facility that allows SBI customers to access the available lists of shares and stocks of the companies. Additionally they can also conduct trading from the comforts of their homes and offices. All that they will need for this is a secure internet connection and their computer. They will be helped in this with the demat account from which a complete detail of their transactions and statement details will be available. There is a 24 hour helpline services too that is available from the bank for all kinds of assistance that you may need.

Login with SBI Online

There is a systematic process of logging facility available with SBI online. You will be in complete control of your account information, user id and password for access. Once you log in you can view the entire summary of your account and carry out various transactions with the same. You will also receive assistance in case you lose or forget user id and password or even one of the two. There are additional safety instructions provided for the protection of your credit cards and debit cards from the bank.

SBI Global Link Service

This is also known as the GLS service from SBI. With this facility you can send or receive funds within India as well as overseas accounts like in the USA. Using any branch network of the SBI bank you can conveniently transfer funds from your account in India to an account in the USA. This provides a safe and secure as well as quick means of transferring funds to any account within India and abroad. For users in the UK and Middle Eastern countries there is the convenience of SBI Express Remit. This is a secure way for online transfer of funds in these countries.

Online Credit Card with SBI

There is a smooth and effortless online system available for SBI credit card users. You can manage your account with a plethora of added features like online transfer of balance, details of statements and financial transactions. You can make online payments against your credit cards for shopping requirements.

SBI Online/E-Tax Payment

Now you can avail E-Tax services through SBI online. There are various types of taxes that are payable through this facility like TDS, IT, Corporation Taxes, Wealth Tax, Estate Duty Taxes and FBT among others. Other taxes like excise and service tax duties can also be paid through this facility. It enables an anytime facility for all your payments.

SBI Online Recruitment

Each year there are applications invited by the State Bank of India for various for various posts and vacancies at all levels. The details of all the procedures along with scheduled dates for examinations and interviews with venues in different parts of the country are all provided in the official website link.

Miscellaneous Online Services:

  • Online Request for Cheque Book – This is a convenient facility for all existing customers of SBI. To initiate swift and easier banking you can speed things when you request for a cheque book online. You don’t have to wait to come to the branch. This could be for your savings, current or any other types of account. You can also specify the mode of delivery or collect it from the branch after 3 working days.

  • Online Ticket Reservations – This is the e-ticketing facility. Book all your tickets by airlines and railways through SBI Online services.

  • Online Payments – This is also known as e-payments. SBI accountholders can make various types of bill payments like that of mobile or telephone connections and electricity to insurance premiums and credit card payments with this facility. You can log in to your netbanking from anywhere and anytime to avail.

  • Online Funds Transfer – There is an easy transfer of funds that can be carried out between different branches of SBI branches. You can also use the RTGS and the NEFT facility that will allow you to transfer funds from your SBI account to other banks.

  • Demand Draft Online – Get your DDs made quickly with an online application facility for the same. All you need is an SBI account for this. Additionally you can choose to collect it from the bank and even request the bank to courier it to your specified address.

  • Shop Online – You can make online payments for shopping and transactions using your debit card from SBI.

SBI Online Customer Care

For all your queries and information there is a SBI online customer care for all assistance and guidance to the facilities available.

BSNL/MTNL users – 1800 11 22 11

Other Lines – (080) 2659 – 9990
Official Website Link -