Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Plots

DDA Plots have been extremely instrumental for carrying out Planning and Urban Development in Delhi. DDA Plots are acquired and sold off by Delhi Development Authority administration to carry out Real Estate Development depending upon the need. In order to understand the role played by the DDA Plots in the planning of Delhi area and sub-areas, it is very essential to understand the basic reason why DDA was constituted in 1957.

Owing to the considerable influx of migrants and the mounting pressure on Housing in Delhi,(DDA) Delhi Development Authority as formed with a mission to carry out planning and promote secured Housing opportunities to all and at the same time facilitate the commercial activities and interests in the city.

DDA works in order to carry out planned development of Delhi and avoid any overlapping or clash of Residential and Housing priorities. DDA undertakes the acquisition of Land, sale or auction and disposal of DDA Plots for Residential, Commercial and Horticulture purpose. DDA Delhi develops DDA Plots on the guidelines of the Master Plans targeting the Zonal development.

Types of DDA Plots

The allotment and auctioning of DDA Plots take place under four broad categories by the Land Disposal Department of the DDA:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Institutional

DDA Residential Plots

DDA Plots are allotted to build DDA Flats in Delhi that cater to the (HIG) Higher Income Group, (LIG) Lower Income Group, (MIG) Middle Income Group and DDA Janata. DDA Plots are disbursed by public auction and allotment. As of now, Plots are being disbursed under the Rohini Res. Scheme-1981, alternative allotment scheme and to Co-operative Societies. DDA Alternative plots are to those farmers whose land has been acquired under the Large Scale Acquisition & Development of Land drive.However, these farmers are allotted DDA Plots only if the Land & Building Department recommends them for the same. Thus by way of public auction, DDA Plots in Delhi are disbursed.

DDA Commercial Plots

When it comes to allotment of DDA Plots for Commercial Purposes, one fact is worth mentioning. Leading Builders have often sought DDA Flats to undertake the construction of multiplexes and shopping malls and these commercial allotments of DDA Plots have earned DDA Delhi a whooping sum of income. Commercial DDA Plots are allotted on tender basis with some percent reserved for Ex-Servicemen, Physically Handicap and Scheduled Castes. DDA Plots are at times developed by the DDA itself and the built-up shops are then sold off in an open tender system.

DDA Plots for Industries and Institutions

DDA Plots are widely disbursed for Industrial Purpose and mainly so because DDA believes that Industrial Development should be planned so the infrastructure can be facilitated in an efficient manner.

The main aim of DDA Plots being disbursed for industrial purpose, thus, is to transfer the industrial growth from non-conforming areas to the conforming zones according to the directives of the Master Plans. However, as of now, industrial allotments have been paused. Lastly, DDA Delhi has been very active in endorsing the growth of Institutions in Delhi and there has been an appreciable disbursement DDA Plots for purposes like social, cultural, religious, education pursuits. Accordingly, we find DDA Land being allotted for Hospitals, Community Halls, Clubs, Educational Institutes, Religious Institutes through Public Auction. In a nutshell, the allotment of DDA Plots have changed the Property Market of Dwarka, Dheerpur, Narela and Viswas Nagar as considerable allotment of DDA Plots and DDA Built-Up Shops have been allotted to DDA recommenders whose land had been acquired for carrying out Property Development. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) carries out various programs and DDA Draws of the DDA Plots and it is very imperative to keep oneself abreast of all the latest happenings so that we can make appropriate use of these opportunities. offers an in depth analysis on Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and recommends the following link for detailed information on DDA Plots.


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