Bhubaneswar Development Authority was established in 1983 for planned development of Bhubaneswar city and its surrounding towns. Know better by its acronym BDA, Bhubaneswar Development Authority undertakes systematic construction projects to provide decent accommodation to the occupants of this capital city. BDA projects include planning the framing of policies and proposals for ordered and rapid development of Bhubaneswar into a clean, green and orderly city truly deserving its status of capital of Orissa .

The Orissa Development Authorities Act 1982 led to the formation of Bhubaneswar Development Authority with 115 villages of Bhubaneswar, Jatni and Khurda under its jurisdiction. BDA Bhubaneswar is responsible of providing the pre-requisite infrastructure for the rapidly growing economy, demography and industries of Bhubaneswar . The efficiency of Bhubaneswar Development Authority has been duly acknowledged from time to time and various new revenue villages have been added to its authority.BDA Projects in Bhubaneswar, Khurda and Jatni areas include construction of Housing facilities for all income groups, market complexes and city centres. To contribute to the green belt of Bhubaneswar, BDA has developed numerous neighborhood parks and plantations at various sectors in the city. Bhubaneswar Development Authority undertakes infrastructure development and maintenance projects including water supply, drainage & sewerage systems, transport facilities and social gathering centers to improve the overall quality of life of inhabitants of Bhubaneswar.

Some of the highly successful housing schemes by Bhubaneswar Development Authority include those in Jayadev Nagar, Ananta Vihar, Arya Vihar, Baragarh, Chandrashekharpur, Kalinga Vihar, Laxmisagar, Linagraj Vihar, Prachi Enclave etc. The current project by BDA in Netaji Subhas Enclave has received tremendous response from all kinds of property investors in Bhubaneswar. Some future BDA projects that one can look for property investments include Prachi Enclave Phase – II, Plotted Housing Scheme in Sanpalla Khurda, and Duplex Housing projects in Pokhariput. For details of any individual project by Bhubaneswar Development Authority or for the BDA projects applications forms, refer to the BDA website mentioned here.