Founded by the famous industrialist Seth Walchand Hirachand in the year 1926, Hindustan Construction Company or HCC is a group that has major interests in real estate development, infrastructure development, construction & engineering as well as urban development and management. The HCC group consists of different companies, each dealing with the above areas of interest. HCC Ltd is a company that deals with the Engineering & Construction business while its subsidiaries such as HCC Real Estate Ltd, Lavasa Corporation Ltd and HCC Infrastructure Ltd deal with real estate and other development activities. Their latest acquisition is Karl Steiner AG in Switzerland.

With a name that commands respect, the company has executed some of the most challenging and impressive infrastructure projects undertaken in India. With a track record that boasts of milestones such as the one responsible for more than half of the country’s nuclear power generation projects as well as over 25% of the hydropower projects all over India, the company is unmatched in its capability, history and reliability when it comes to the construction industry.

HCC is a strong player in the extremely challenging infrastructure segment in India and have undertaken several path breaking projects dealing with bridges, dams, tunnels, expressways and roads spread across the country. The jewel in their infrastructure project crown is the cable-stayed bridge in Mumbai which is the first and longest open sea bridge of its kind in India. They were the first construction and infrastructure building company in India to implement the ISO certified quality in their building processes and also when it comes to following international standards in occupational health and safety as well as environment management system.

They have at their disposal, one of the most advanced and ultra-modern construction equipments and employ the latest construction technologies in partnership with international construction companies so as to elevate the quality standards of all their projects. With the help of these technologies and techniques, HCC manages to speed up the construction pace so as to complete all the projects they start, within record time.

Hindustan Real Estate Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of the parent company which develops high-value real estate development projects which adhere to stringent environmental standards and strictly comply with the environmental regulations of the country. The company develops green, energy efficient projects that are clean and efficient not just during the construction phase but also for years to come so that the environment impact of the projects will be kept to a minimum even after they are completed and taken over by the clients.

With their extensive manpower and highly qualified professionals comprising of around 3000 officers of which 2000 are engineers and altogether employing around 35,000 workers across all the projects being developed across India, the company’s scale and scope of operations is unmatched in the industry. The importance given to the skill set of their employees and their efficient usage of energy sources leading to setting high standards of environmental conservation during the process of building and construction activities, has made them stand apart from their competition.