Greater Bangalore Estates

Greater Bangalore Estates is a real estate development company that was established in the year 1996 with an aim to stand out in the crowded real estate market in Bangalore. They have managed to carve a unique niche in the construction and real estate industry mainly due to their philosophy of earning the trust of their customers.

In an industry where the price and amenities offered are more or less similar, there is only so much that a prime location in which a real estate project is located in, that can lure customers. The main factor that can swing the customer is the trust they feel while dealing with the builder. In this aspect, Greater Bangalore Estates have excelled since they have always known this to be the most important factor upon which they have based their entire business philosophy on.

Greater Bangalore Estates have an excellent team of professionals working together to create and deliver value for money to their customers and the company have concentrated mainly on the Hosur area of Bangalore to create some of their most prestigious projects. As part of their strategy, Greater Bangalore Estates have first identified the appropriate locations where their projects can be built upon and then procured sufficient land needed and afterwards, developed the properties into individual plots. While developing the projects they have also given enough attention to develop related amenities and infrastructure such as roads, power supply, water supply and sanitation so that their potential clients do not have to worry about any of these basic amenities after they purchase the property.

Some of the completed projects that were received favorably by the customers are projects such as Misty Hamlet, Asha Greenrich County, LG Lake Dew and Asha Township. Among the most famous projects that are under development currently is the Eco Vista Residential Layout. Touted as a gated residential project that is located near the upcoming SEZ project developed by the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, the Eco Vista is being built on prime land with luxurious amenities and facilities. Some of the facilities offered to the residents of the project are swimming pool, clubhouse, landscaped gardens as well as children’s play area and park.

The transparent and forthright approach of the company is an advantage to all those who are contemplating investing in prime real estate property and derive great value in the process. They take care to complete their projects on time so that there are no project cost overruns. The use of quality materials during construction as well as the excellent professionals who oversee the construction and completion of the projects ensures that the finished project is of the best quality.