K Raheja Corp

K Raheja Corp’s success spans over decades and that is a big cause behind them aiming higher targets for the past few years. It’s an apogee of an extensive experience and technical know-how staying responsible for belting out relentlessly the quality performance covering diverse needs within the real estate sector primarily and spreading further to hospitality and retailing establishments.

Among the newer constructions, Raheja Corp. has integrated modern ways of living to the residential styles keeping in mind the preference of a whole new slew of young consumers. The new styles of the apartment buildings for sale comprise an entire range of consumption patterns that has helped the group pioneer the current trends.

The property developer in India has already bagged the honors for setting the paradigms as far as globally accepted design contexts go; not many builders in India can perhaps boast of being consistent for so long in designing world-standard hotels, convention centers and other recreational facilities nationwide. With every facility surpassing user expectations, the property developer in India has successfully integrated the components of leisure demanded by every business, benefiting both international and domestic travelers. All these resulted in setting higher standards to apartment buildings for sale and commercial buildings for lease alike, keeping at par with the developed economies worldwide.

Currently at the commanding height of the real estate business, the K. Raheja group won the Real Estate Awards 2009 after nominated by the Euromoney Liquid Real Estate (a leading publication on financial and real estate markets); this made them the second best (i.e. the company ranks #2) among all the builders in India. That aside, it occupies the 4th rank in Asia while globally, they stand as the 7th. All that are an indicative of the Raheja Group’s excellence in the national and the global real estate markets.

The secret is in the company’s prowess in detecting a consumer’s needs, which inspires the team of professionals to act towards it and create something new every project. Thus, all constructions by the Raheja Corp. are distinct; it’s a trend that’s continuing since years. From the luxurious and self-sufficient Raheja Vihar township to the recent Mindspace, Raheja’s depiction of real value only changed for the better. Today, it’s not only a host of amenities that are brought in to enhance the living qualities; on the contrary, the amenities offered form only a supportive component of a bigger picture. To feel that, you need to step into any of the Raheja creations that incorporates consulting expertise from global perspectives and attention to every minute detail. It applies to Mahalaxmi as well but Mumbai is yet to see this concept for a pleasant, urban lifestyle notched up by several degrees. A suitable alternative would be the Synergy or the Commerzone.



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