Citibank India Careers, Jobs and Vacancies

Citibank is a major international bank and is the financial arm of the Citigroup. Citibank was founded in the year 1812 in the city of New York. Today it has grown big. Not only is it the third largest bank in the U.S.A but it has now spread its wings everywhere. Today it has made its presence felt in every hook and corner of the globe. India today is a global economic power. Thus, it very natural for Citibank to start banking services here in India.

Now if you were an upcoming job aspirant here in India, you would do well to work in Citibank and gain some work experience. Besides working in a multinational bank will add a lot of credibility to your C.V. Therefore, let me now tell you the process of how to apply for Citibank India careers .

The Citi group has its own quick job search service, which is responsible for filling up the vacancy in case there are any. However, it is one of the largest banks in the globe. Thus, its pay packet is also very lucrative. Vacancies if there are any are declared online and of course in all the branches of the Citibank. The recruitment process here to is very much similar to any other organization.

Now after the vacancies have been made public the criteria which applicants need to have is also placed in public domain. Here there are two things, which have been stressed upon. Now if the applicant is a fresher it is the educational qualification. However if you are looking to apply for a top job work experience is necessary. Next, you will have to fill up an application form where you will have to mention every detail about yourself. Here you will have to give details that are mentioned in the C.V. Next, you will have too sit for a recruitment test.

Citi Bank Careers

After the results of the exam are out you will have to appear before an interview panel. This panel consists of high-ranking officers of the bank. If you are able to satisfy them and answer all there queries you will be given the appointment letter to join Citibank. The competition is tough and it is only the very best who get the appointment letter in their hands.

However, this is after all worth a try. Citibank is a global giant. It has branches all around the globe. Not only will it give you a handsome pay packet but also you will be able to garner international experience working in this bank. U.K., U.S.A, and Australia are some of the places where this bank has enough presence.

Now if you do want more information in this regard you can approach Citibank North America financial centre, Citi Corps Data Systems Inc and Citibank technology solutions. These are some places from where you will get information about the international recruitment programs of Citibank. Lastly, the internet is something, which has all the information. If you find these above places out of your reach, you can always apply through the internet.