Citifinancial Retail Services

Citifinancial retail services primarily focuses on the Citi group customers in North America in private credit card programs. You can avail Citifinancial retail service online and derive advantage from the affordable retail financing programs.

Citfinancial Retail Services Payment

The various Citifinancial services benefiting existing retailers include private label credit card payment solutions for the customers by Citifinancial. The exclusive cardholders get privileges and bargain offers through this convenient and alternate payment solution provided to them. This is easier to manage for both the customer and the retailer.

Citifinancial Retail Services Customer Service

The benefits a retailer derives from Citifinancial private label credit card program include increased sales due to increase in average transactions per day, enhanced customer loyalty, better store management, POS technology, internet application and expert Citifinancial customer service.

Citifinancial Retail Services: Benefits for Customers

The benefits for your customers would include fast approvals, extended credit lines, instant access to your Private Label Credit Card account through Citifinancial online services, access to Citifinancial finance programs, and much more.

The marketing tools by Citifinancial retail services provide a market exposure that will give a new introduction to your retail business. They help you build stronger relationships with your customers and enhanced loyalty and provide you an edge in competitive environments.

To apply online for Citifinancial retail services or make online payments by direct account access or avail Citifinancial customer service, refer to Citifinancial retail services website mentioned below.

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