Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank credit cards are now available online. The entire Citibank credit card application procedure has been snatched off the tedious paper work and transformed into a contemporary online service. You are not required to complete any documentation process or call the bank. Just fill up a simple form and on approval the Citibank credit card is mailed to you on the address provided. You can enjoy cashless shopping and instant cash withdrawals from Citibank ATMs along with balance transfer, ECS (Electronic Clearance Services), Internet banking and many more facilities on your credit card.

Citibank credit card bill payment has become more convenient with online bill pay services; Cheque payments at Citibank drop boxes and other flexible repayment solutions. Citibank provides you e-statements regularly through e-mails and also provides online credit card status check and balance enquiry services. If you are an existing Citibank credit card holder with a fair credit history, the possibilities of getting clearance for Citibank Personal Loans increase manifold. Also get 30-day interest-free cash on the basis of your Citibank credit card account balance.

Citibank Online Credit Card

The available credit cards by Citibank number to 28 including jet airways Citibank credit cards, Indian oil Citibank credit cards, auto card, and many other Citibank cards and some special cards in associations with leading merchant outlets in India. On every transaction on your Citibank card, earn reward points that accumulate over a period of time and can be redeemed to get gifts and vouchers or even fuel.

Citibank Credit Card Benefits

On Citibank cash back gold card, you get 5 % cash back on air and railway tickets. The family benefits that you can avail through your Citibank card are health insurance for your family, overseas mediclaim, personal insurance (Suraksha) and Credit Shield service. For direct Citibank credit card application form, login to their website mentioned below and apply online. For information on Citibank Online banking services and other banking products and services by Citibank India, refer to our subsequent pages dedicated to each.


Citibank Credit Card Customer Care Number

Bangalore 2227 2484

Chennai 2852 2484

Mumbai 2823 2484

Hyderabad 6666 2484

Delhi* (Gurgaon) 254 2484