Citibank Internet Banking

Citibank internet banking has undergone several changes which has brought the standard of banking in India up to global level. Efficiency has gone up several notches. There are several banks that offer good services among which Citibank netbanking is one to look out for. This is a convenient access of your banking services from the desktop computer, laptop and even on your Smartphone device; just download a simple app and you will be ready. Be ready to perform a wide range of banking from any place of your location without visiting the bank personally.

Citibank Internet Banking Features

  • Customers can avail services for netbanking by filling a form available on the website or at the nearest branch

  • Certain charges will be levied for specific services rendered like funds transfer and online requests for demand drafts

  • Customers will be provided a user id and a password which they have to use for logging onto their netbanking account

  • Citibank netbanking can be used for bill payments and insurance premium payments

  • Funds transferring to other accountholders and making online shopping transactions with netbanking services is also available

  • Book a fixed deposit from your Citibank netbanking account and even request for additional services like cheque books and bank account statements to be sent to your email id

  • Payments for taxes can also be made through netbanking accounts

  • Use this for your mobile phone bill payments and easy recharge schemes

Netbanking in Citibank offers a high standard of services for its customers through online resources. It not only saves time but also saves customers from the routine of paying a visit to the bank every time.

With applications available on your advanced mobile Smartphone device and tablet PCs this service is even conveniently accessible. Services available are quickly processed and have a less complicated approach.

Citibank services understand the need for customer accounts security and safeguards. Thus the user id and login password are highly sensitive. You can change your account password using the netbanking services; the options are easily available. For all online transactions you will require an IPIN number which is instantly generated only when you need one. After you have used this and your transaction is complete the IPIN number will be automatically deactivated thus minimizing chances of fraud.