Citibank NRI Account

Citibank NRI Services include different types of NRI savings accounts; demat account, Forex trading FCNR accounts, NRI loans, online bill payments through Citibank Internet Banking , investment and other facilities. The Citibank NRI Account - Rupee Checking Account can be opened online. It enables the NRIs for free online money transfers through Automated Clearing House or ACH facility to the Citibank customers in Americas and Citibank Global Transfers.

Another account (not currently available to Citibank customers in America and Australia) is the Dollar Checking Account that is a transactionary account through which you can track your transactions in US $ from the Citibank Singapore booking centre. The Citibank NRI deposit services are rendered through FCNR deposit accounts and rupee saving accounts (NRE & NRO accounts). All these accounts are accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in New York, USA or Singapore or Dubai or Sydney, Australia or the UK, Citibank NRI Banking services are available online through Citibank Internet banking.

The NRI population spread across the globe can feel connected to India through the investment opportunities that they can avail through their Citibank NRI account. These global investments include treasury services, structured products, brokerage on online share trading, fixed income securities and mutual funds.

Citibank offers home loans, rupee loans and foreign currency loans to its customers for convenient banking solutions. You can also apply for the Citibank NRI Loan and investment products online. Another special banking facility exclusively for the NRI customers of Citibank is the US Dollar Overdraft. Special insurance and retirement plans are also offered on highly competitive interest rates giving high returns. For any details on the Citibank nr services and the related terms and conditions, you can either call cup Citibank NRI customer care centers or refer to Citibank website mentioned below. For information on Citibank India and more, browse through our subsequent pages on each.