Mizuho Corporate Bank Jobs in India


Mizuho Corporate Bank is part of Mizuho Financial Group. This group is the second largest financial services provider in Japan. The bank has the headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo. India has two branches of this bank. One is in Mumbai and the other is in New Delhi. Mizuho Corporate Bank provides great range of product and services for its customers. With the growth in the banking sector the demand for the banking jobs in India are also increasing. This also triggers the economic expansion.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Jobs in India

The banking jobs in Mizuho Corporate Bank are available to people who are citizens where the bank operates. But sometimes Mizuho Corporate Bank recruitment is done for domestic as well as international posting. In this way the candidate might have to work in another country. Bank jobs in this bank are suited especially for highly talented and motivated individuals.

The employees at this bank have to serve clients such as very large financial institutions, corporate, public sector entities, and overseas companies. Therefore, the job involves good understanding of client’s requirement in terms of personal as well as business plans. If one intends to have career in this bank, one needs to have right mix of mathematical skills as well as strong analytical skills.

Like any other bank, Mizuho Corporate Bank also has requirement for people for different roles. Let us look into few of the most common bank jobs India.

  • Financial Managers: The job of the financial manager involves preparing strategies. These strategies minimize the losses in the insurance sector. They also need to prepare the financial reports and monitors the cash flow. They might also need to work as treasurer, controller, cash manager, credit manager, or risk manager.

  • Bill and Account Collector: The job of the bill and account collector involves the collection of money overdue from the debtors.

  • Bank Teller: The job of the bank teller involves taking care of minute details such as identification of customers, verification of the name, and date.

  • Loan Officers: The job of the loan officer involves checking the eligibility of the customers seeking loan from bank. This role also involves checking the credit worthiness of the customers. Only after making a proper evaluation of the loan application of the customers, the loan officer either approves or rejects the same.

  • Financial Service Representative: The job of the financial service representative involves promoting diverse services and products that are being offered by the bank. The role also involves responsibility of opening and closing of accounts and at the same time keeping records of various financial transactions.

  • Auditing Clerks: The job of the auditing clerks involves recording and classifying financial data, calculating as well as keeping track of the financial records.

Mizuho Corporate Bank offers practical training environment for new employees. This helps them to develop new skills and at the same time improve the existing one.