Standard Chartered Corporate Banking

Standard Chartered Corporate Banking is also known as SME banking or Small And Medium Enterprise Banking. It is a dedicated banking service that facilitates the growth of your business through customized products and prompt services with expert guidance. If you plan to expand your business operations beyond the country, the global presence of Standard Chartered Bank in Asia, Africa and Middle East and its expertise helps you with a convenient solution.

The major benefits you derive from Standard Chartered Corporate Banking or SME banking services are Preferential Pricing for all your business transactions, special rewards, access to professional advice of standard chartered relationship managers and international support for the most appropriate products and services for you.

The banking services covered under SME banking targeted at the corporate sector include:

Cash Management Services:

These include current and savings accounts, deposits, remittances, bank drafts, investments, ATM, phone banking, Netbanking, facsimile banking, cash and Cheque deposit machines, Straight2bank service, along with consolidated statements.

Forex and Treasury Services:

Standard Chartered Bank aims to minimize the foreign exchange risks for you at competitive interest rates in a wide range of foreign currencies. The product range at Standard Chartered Corporate Banking includes spot deals, forward deals, complex derivative products like options and structured deposits. The international presence of SCB through 1, 500 branches in 50 countries and weekly bulletins keep you in sync with the available opportunities and helps gauge the global market directions that in turn assists you in planning an effective growth strategy for your business in international markets.

Corporate Finance Management:

This includes import of letters of credit, shipment guarantees, custom bonds and guarantees; export letters of credit, bills for collection, negotiation of credit bills, pre-shipment export financing, trade finance, cross border financing and much more.

SME Financing Services:

Standard Chartered Bank offers long- term finance for investments in residential or commercial property, facility to combine a loan and a bank overdraft to give you a larger working capital that enhances your business power to support your corporate finance needs and an unsecured business installment loan repayable in EMIs (Equal Monthly Installments) over a fixed term to take care of the working capital requirements.

For further information about the service charges for each corporate banking or SME banking product by Standard Chartered Bank, or applying to any of the above-mentioned services, you can directly refer to the bank website mentioned below. For accumulating further information on Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards , or the other products and services of Standard Chartered Bank India and the Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking Service , you can visit our subsequent pages on each.